People Try Pimple Cupcakes

People Try Pimple Cupcakes

“This is how you should watch pimple popping videos.”

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Happy Brass Remix licensed by Warner Chappell
Elevator licensed by Audio Network
My Dogs Got Fleas licensed by Warner Chappell
Don’t Touch The Tulips licensed by Audio Network
Life Of Riley licensed by Audio Network
Tango Essoldo licensed by Audio Network

Made by BFMP

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20 Responses

  1. Blessed one says:


  2. Victoria says:

    Who else hates the new comment section on mobile :/

  3. Kamik P says:

    I’m going to throw my whole dinner help

  4. Maddie Siewert says:

    Who else has ever watched pimple popping videos just for fun?

  5. Delina Negassi says:

    won’t be eating cupcakes for a while , basically won’t eat cause all I eat
    is cupcakes ??

  6. Spodrmen says:

    pimple popping is fking disgusting how do ppl find it satisfying

  7. vxo. michelle says:

    I’m fascinated and disgusted at the same time ..

  8. MsMadKim says:

    Shane Dawson needs to try one of these cupcakes

  9. Sarah Gory says:

    Who else put their hand infront of their monitor when they showed the
    popping part …

  10. Chelsea Cheong says:

    Is it weird when I see those videos and I taste it?!

  11. laura delgad says:

    Is it just me or does that one guy sitting next to the black girl look a
    little like josh peck?

  12. Watersmelon lol says:

    This made me insanely uncomfortable while i was eating nachos

  13. Neon Ant (Your Queen and Savior) says:

    Well, I was eating…now I am not.
    I made it to the head one before I stopped the video.

  14. Yulina Goto says:

    ewewewewewwewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww im leaving

  15. Jelly Flower says:

    there is no way to watch this without feeling naucious or gagging

  16. Ryan says:

    At least post a warning before starting off the video…

  17. ezodragon says:

    do not understand pimple popping satisfaction. I’d rather watch something
    actually enjoyable

  18. Draymond Green says:

    yes it was hard, but I fapped to this

  19. Paul Vinoya says:

    My cringe went all the way to my butt….

  20. LexiDango says:

    still ship Ashley and Zack