people who are going to parties right now

people who are going to parties right now

oh my god stay inside
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this video is about dumb people who are going out to parties right now

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95 Responses

  1. Gus Johnson says:

    stay inside you maniacs

  2. mr. crane says:

    Just got home from a huge party after licking the emergency room floor.

  3. SmarterEveryDay says:

    Someone just used the “I’m young and healthy” line on me word for word. You are a genius.

    • rugg1999 says:

      @The Greek Hijacker yikes

    • Mean Bean Productions says:

      @rugg1999 They’re dying at rates sooooo incredibly low.
      Like, <.2%. That's fewer than 1 out of 500. And that includes immunocompromised people.

    • rugg1999 says:

      @Mean Bean Productions But it still can happen especially in places with terrible health infrastructure (United States). I’ll say it again: if you’re going around saying “it doesn’t kill young otherwise healthy people”, you’re wrong and you’re spreading misinformation. And even if it doesn’t kill you, it can cause permanent damage to your lungs, which is still a bad enough consequence to warrant shutting the fuck up and staying home.

    • Darius Andrei says:

      Well I wasn’t expecting you here 😅

    • The Greek Hijacker says:

      @rugg1999 Does the life of a goldfish have the same value as the life of an intelligent human? No. If these kids were raised properly, they would know better than to put the lives of their loved ones in danger. If they haven’t developed common sense by the age of 15-25, we might as well just get rid of them. Unfortunately though the virus doesn’t like that plan.

  4. Sirgaz says:

    this should be one of those educational “dont do this stupid thing” psa videos they show in schools

  5. Tai Ketchum says:

    Unfortunately, the people going outside most likely aren’t going to see this video

    • castro sherwood says:

      @Brian Joslen I prefer it in public. With grandmas.

    • Alex M says:

      I was going to catch 4 seperate bus trips across the country to an opera then cough all over the old people and take two trains an a flight back home making sure to touch my face and as many surfaces as possible and I don’t like to shake hands I just hug people and kiss them on the cheek when I meet someone new. But don’t worry I saw this video and decided it would be a bad idea because barstool sports said I could get sick.

    • GoldLeader says:

      @T Wilson no

    • KT % says:

      @Hank Hankenhunter hank you absolute legend

    • KaKKoyoKunai says:

      @Colin Faughnan I work in the tourism industry. Do you know how many fucking goddamn old people are coming out and doing shit? The only people who SHOULD stay inside are the elderly. Yet I still see them in droves, more than any other age group, even right now.

  6. Danielle VFGC says:

    🤏”hey looka me i’m from italy im FOOKIN sick” 🤏

  7. Medlife Crisis says:

    I spoke to every doctor in the world and we said this is a good video like really good

  8. The guy man thing says:

    “Coroni coroni have some macaroni” some sick Italian dude

  9. andrew12 says:

    Eddy’s hairstyle looks slick holy shit

  10. James Stacey says:

    I live on the beach. When the local government canceled schools, everyone decided to go to the beach and take a vacation. WTF!

  11. backwards bandit says:

    My grandparents went overseas to Melbourne, Australia’s covid19 hotspot. They just came home to a small country town in New Zealand with a very high elderly population. They’re very social so they hung out with all their elderly friends. They even visited a fundraising event for cancer… an event which many cancer patients participate in. They don’t show any symptoms of the virus and they haven’t been tested but I’m just kinda shocked at how the blasé the elderly are about all of this

  12. The Rat Man_4 says:

    Can’t wait until something mentioning corona is a sign that is outdated

  13. KindHrt77 says:

    I live with people like this. This lady and her daughter are literally traveling everywhere. AND they’re going to see her grandma half a country away! LIKE WHY???

    • J says:

      They’re literally gonna kill their grandma

    • The Savior says:

      @Lydia, sorry but this is a perfect example of natural selection. The smart people who avoid infectious situations will survive whilst the stupid people who don’t will get sick and die. Don’t associate with stupid people.

    • The Savior says:

      @drivethrupoet, wrong. Everyone didn’t get Ebola, swine flu, SARS or bird flu etc. You identify it, then you isolate it and as long as it doesn’t mutate, you control it then eradicate it. We have no idea how it may affect our genetic code yet so you are much safer making sure you don’t get it.

    • Ali A. says:

      I feel so bad for that grandma…

    • Bobby Bologna says:

      I have some family like this, they just asked me if they could come over and “hang out” from the other side of the country. I told them “Are you out of your mind?!” this of course is immediately after they find out their Florida trip was cancelled, lol they can’t take a hint.

  14. KABOB kabob says:

    “Gatherings of large people”

    well good thing i’m small

  15. jordon wood says:

    “They cancelled gatherings of large people”
    Me: frowns in giant

  16. gowocommitdie says:

    “ah man, Disneyland is closed, but I’m sure the virus won’t harm us. pack up kids, we’re gonna sneak through the security!”

  17. Freeced says:

    “Gatherings of large people”

    *sadly cancels my plans to attend Sumo Con 2020*

  18. Kwake says:

    The message behind this video is absolutely right: flight tickets have never been cheaper

  19. Cyranek says:

    was worried that i shouldn’t leave my house until the end there

    • Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

      You should, drinking corona beer in a party is the vaccine to the Coronavirus

    • FDS Dynamo says:

      @Just Some Guy without a Mustache OMG dude now I start seeing you in comments reply comment too …..

  20. Shnapper s says:

    The virus can also cause reduced lung capacity and the long term effect of that is relatively unknown so it’s like.

    Do you want to have trouble breathing for the rest of your life? The thing you do every second?

    • N F says:

      And young people with no previous condition can get very ill, this whole young people doesbt get hit its plain misinformation.

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