Per Cesena & #Rockin1000

Per Cesena & #Rockin1000

Ci vediamo a presto, Cesena…. xxx Davide

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20 Responses

  1. Deerdance Soad says:

    Sei il N1

  2. Gretel's Revenge says:

    I was one of the guitarists of Rockin1000!!! Thanks Dave! Thanks Foos!
    You’re such special guys! We wait for you in Cesena! Our hearts pound for
    you!!! <3

  3. Luke Jannusch says:

    Mr Grohl, I sincerely hope that when you do the concert in Cesena you will
    film the concert. I have a feeling this show will be one of the best venues
    and one of the best crowds you will ever play for. I would LOVE to be there
    in person, but as that will not be a possibility for me, I will be excited
    to share the experience on a video in my living room in lieu of being there
    in person. Break a leg, sir. (Figuratively of course. No more stage flights
    for you.) Cheers! :D

  4. Darren Bennett says:

    can someone translate?

  5. Tim Whitehead says:

    For those of us that do not speak Italian, what did he say?

  6. Gustaf Engström says:

    Does anyone know what video he is reffering to?

  7. Artur Yamamoto says:

    Italians are the greatest people, Foo Fighters is the greatest band. Eager
    for this clash. Well done Cesena.

  8. Michele Bosi says:

    Tutti a Cesena! 

  9. Manny4fun says:

    Dave sei fantastico!! :D

  10. CMac says:

    “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head.
    If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

    – Nelson Mandela

  11. Jim Windle says:

    Literally, is there anything he cannot do?! I love Dave. He is just…..the
    fucking man.

  12. Elisa Fornaciari says:

    You really got to go Dave!!!

  13. Joe Lee says:

    Reason 2,322,721 for loving Foo Fighters.

  14. fabio gandolfi says:

    grande Davide!

  15. Vinyl Collector says:

    Very cool

  16. Norman Ettawacappo says:

    Dave Grohl kicks ass! 

  17. Bruce Wayne says:

    Your mother bitch

  18. mary beth nissly says:

    What an honor for Foo fighters…so many people so much love. Truly
    historic video

  19. Constantine Pury says:

    144p, vertical video and Dave Grohl.
    What else need for happiness?

  20. Mildred Campbell says:

    Can someone please translate in English what he is saying?