Perks of going to the Psych Ward

Perks of going to the Psych Ward

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00:00 a story I rarely tell
02:26 my first admission
03:39 a troubled history
07:45 the other people there
10:02 what happens after?
12:22 my 2019 admission

















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28 Responses

  1. Let Me Explain Studios says:

    This may have been one of your best and most important videos. You’re an incredible person, Illy. ❤

  2. ada kazmi says:

    When Illy said, “People will care if you disappear one day, they will notice, they will miss you more than you will ever know” I actually burst into tears, I really needed to hear that.

    • SurfingPikachu17 says:

      There was a time where words like that would make me cry, but I don’t feel anything positive emotionally anymore. Like I don’t care about anything anymore. I am going to go to Heaven soon to be with my Dad and my sweet kitty I tragically lost a few months ago. Sometimes life is too hard… Goodbye to whoever sees this. I’ll be at peace and feel no more pain. ♡

    • Tay_Barsonsvoy says:


    • Brian Strotjer says:

      That statement makes me feel bad because I wanted to go away.

    • Absolutely Not says:

      Thats… extremely bitter sweet… you good girl? There are ppl you can talk to if you ever need.

  3. Rosalie says:

    I work with vulnerable teenagers and I will try to share this video around to those who can benefit from it. I went to a clinic myself in 2019 it was more of a personality disorder treatment of 9 months but I understand the shame. The whole “People will miss you when you’re gone” part really hit me. Thank you for this video.

  4. •Dum• says:

    As someone who’s been a big fan of Illy for years, I really love how relatable she can be. Sometimes I have panic attacks and sometimes people just say that I’m “weird” or being “dramatic” but Illy made me realize I’m not alone. I’m just very happy how nice she can be and how amazing she is. Thank you Illy . For being a relatable, kind , honest person for me and many other people.

  5. IzzyFloofZ says:

    As someone who was (involuntarily) admitted into a psych hospital at 8th grade, It’s super nice to see someone to actually talk about Psychiatric Admissions in a serious, respectful, and relatable manner (especially from I look up to). Thank you so much for speaking out, and I hope you’re doing well Illy! I love your content and your animation style! Keep up the good work!! ❤

    P.S. I’m in 10th grade now and doing a lot better. I hope anyone else who’s struggling understands they’re not alone no matter what. It will get better. Trust me ❤

  6. Deine Mudda says:

    I just got out of the psych ward exactly a week ago after being there for 5 Months, it means so much to know that so many people have a similar experience.
    Luckily my hospital was great, mainly due to the patients and my fav therapist but yeah, I came out with my faith in humanity restored due to all of the amazing people I’ve met.
    Edit: Also another great thing was that literally every single patient was some part of the lgbtq community, as a lesbian this was my first time being able to share s*xuality related problems with others and they made me feel super safe.

  7. I think I swallowed a hammer says:

    As someone who’s also been admitted several times, it’s very comforting in a strange way to know that I am not alone and that one of my favorite YouTubers has a similar experience to me. I know this must be extremely difficult to talk about, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing and making so many people feel less alone. This feels very de-stigmatizing and again, (I know I sound like a broken record,) thank you, you amazing person!

    • Ashy says:

      @C0Samation thank you the way me and the people in my ward handled our emotions was through joking about it like if one of us would have a breakdown about something or have to stay longer we would all just say “it really do be like that sometimes” haha so I’m joking with love because I get it and I know it’s serious but sometimes it helps to just laugh at how terribly not normal you are 🙂

    • C0Samation says:

      @Ashy ah ok sorry. Just didn’t want anyone to think this is a joke. I’ve been too it’s hard. I hope your ok.

    • Ashy says:

      @C0Samation sorry I’ve been twice and thats how we always joked in there so I thought it was funny because I thought everyone commented related lmao my bad

    • C0Samation says:

      @Ashy this ain’t something to joke about. Maybe you weren’t joking about it but it seemed that way?

    • SomepersonNamedJake says:

      @Ashy i’ve never been to one..

  8. Scarlet Klimek says:

    As someone who is currently 14 and almost was admitted to a psych hospital when she was 13, this means a lot,illy. Thank you. I’m doing a lot better now then I was.

  9. John Grenn says:

    TW. For a vent. As someone who is going into high school with severe social anxiety, stress, ODD, ADHD and quite possibly autism this video means a lot. I’ve had nights where all I do is cry. Where I can’t sleep because of the fear and anxiety. I’ve been bullied since I was 8 and I’ve been groomed. And sometimes I wonder that in the future I might have to admit or be admitted into a psychiatric ward. So thank you for posting this video so if I’m ever in a situation where I have to admit myself that I won’t be scared. Be well illy I’ll be on your side. ❤

  10. UnovaKid 24 says:

    I honestly started crying on the inside in the middle of watching this. I’ve never had to go through anything like this before, but hearing your experiences and knowing that people can and do stick up for you is honestly beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. You’re awesome, Illy! ❤

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