Personalize Your Adventure in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Personalize Your Adventure in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Secret Techniques, exclusive moves, sprawling cities, and…more hairstyles?! Check out some of the ways you can make your Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! or Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! journey your own:

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100 Responses

  1. Heracross X says:

    “Splishy Splash”? Heh, move over, Magikarp!

  2. VGG Brayden says:

    Wait…. HM’S??????

    • VGG Brayden says:

      Oh, all HM’S are on your starter????

      Imma use Magmar in place of a Water Type

    • ShadowSkyX says:

      +carbon273 you can call upon Eevee/Pikachu to cut down trees or Surf. But the surfing with your starter could be for smaller bodies of water/earlier in the game before you receive Lapras (pokeride) to surf the ocean. But the latter is just speculation.

    • Chero says:

      I guess it will be more like in SM / USUM where you have a partner Pokémon which do the jobs for you. But here it’s only Pikachu or Eevee.

    • Bigmama Jr. says:

      gonna do a hard pass on this comment. You know how the internet works, about 1% of the vocal minority complains, makes it popular, and people try to copy and paste to get that same attention. But you know, as a competitor we real fans are excited and if you are a fan, you are gonna get the game deep down.

    • Virant says:

      I doubt there are HM’s or atleast they won’t make you have to replace any of your moves for them considering it looks like eevee was using its own way of “flying”

  3. TheDrunkRobot says:

    Gonna do a hard pass on this game

    • Duplighost Nero says:


      We havent got Kanto in HD, now’s the chance. The initial price is understandable. Want it cheaper? let the time pass.

    • Marc Davidson says:

      Bigmama Jr. you must love the “no true scottsman” fallacy do you

    • Vanafsos Sfigokolarios says:

      +Duplighost Nero first of, nintendo games don’t get cheaper over time. Secondly, 1,2 switch was 40€ and their quality is quite comparable. Soooo yeah, Kanto in HD is not a good point since it looks like an upscaled version of x and y engine.

    • IshiGoturi says:

      Blame Jewtendo for making their games so expensive. I work retail, and there are Xbox and PS4 games on sale almost every week. It would be cool if LGP/E were $30 like RBY were back in the day, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.

    • Duplighost Nero says:

      +Vanafsos Sfigokolarios

      At least it does In New York, Florida and Puerto Rico where I’ve checked.

  4. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    My boy Pikachu is the first ever surfing type.

  5. XxDarkAngelxX101 says:

    It would be could if Pikachu would also learn fly with a balloon animation. ;D

  6. Bepis says:

    When Surf becomes splishy splash we’ve failed as a society

  7. Randi Roberts says:

    In the info of the video it says “and more hairstyles!?” But in the video it doesn’t show it..

    • laxjoh says:

      Dude you’re on a Pokemon video published by the Pokemon channel. It would have taken you 2 seconds to find the clips. Just about everyone and their grandmothers saw that video. Pikachu’s hairstyle looks better on it than Eevees.

    • Matthew Diaz says:

      The thing that i dont like about the eevee and Pikachu wearing hats and getting hairstyles worries me. What if they evolve? If they evolve? Will they still get hairstyles or clothes?

    • Gavin King says:

      +Matthew Diaz Neither your partner Pikachu nor Eevee can evolve. That has been confirmed.

    • Matthew Diaz says:

      +Gavin King Oh really? See i havent seen all the trailers. Thanks for telling me though. Its good to see people giving people information who have not seen trailers.

    • Gavin King says:

      +Matthew Diaz I don’t think it was in a trailer, but Nintendo did officially confirm it

  8. a Bear says:

    Jesus Eevee is gonna belong in ubers soon

  9. Phan Tom says:

    Oh my God!!! You can explore Celadon City and Battle gym leader Erika

  10. Mewhaku says:

    I like the idea of the moves- but man those names…

  11. RinX says:

    Don’t let that distract you from the fact that we live in a society

  12. WheeledJustice says:

    I love the balloon ride but I hate the move names. I guess we’ll call it even?

  13. Entity Mays says:

    Idc what anybody says, it always put a smile on my face when seeing footage of this game

  14. Sebastian Caro says:

    I really like how the game looks but it just seems so heavily targeted towards children that I feel like I’ll have a hard time enjoying it. I hope the game after this one is more for everyone.

    • MegaPrime Gamer says:

      Not Hohenheim yeah no I couldn’t care much for the newer generations. I only know the old ones so I’ll stick to them. You play what you want.

    • hinaru77 says:

      Uh. Wasn’t Pokémon always meant to be target towards kids.

    • dumpsteRat says:

      Sebastian Caro that and that tiny ass pokeball plus I’ve got bear hands that shit will be hard to use

    • Stacona says:

      I like Pokemon being relaxing to play and let me do whatever I want and have whatever Pokemon I feel like having in my party… this game does not even let me do that!! This does not let you play a game, it just defines hand holding, and no Pokemon normally is not hand holding at all because I am allowed to mess up and fail – I died on the t-rex at the rock gym in pokemon x multiple times for hours, died on whitney’s miltank, and tried to kill an onyx with a pikachu are my great memories because not know, trying and failing to eventual success, that is growth and things that create memories.

      Even without failure, I want to succeed my own way and if I want to absolutely fucking massacre a level 3 Rattata with a level 70 Dragonite with Hyper Beam LET ME DO THAT!! Not safari zone the entire fucking game and hold my hand through the entire thing for there is no possible way to fail and try which removes the satisfaction of winning the game using MY OWN STRATEGY and MY OWN POKEMON that I CHOSE AND TRAINED…

      FUCK LET’S GO!!!

  15. Solaire of Astora says:

    – “Hey you over there, yes you, ask your son for an idea for the name of the new moves”
    – “But boss, he’s 3 years old”
    – “Do not dare contradict me!”

  16. Kid That knows nothing About Music and Draws says:

    Cant wait to go to heaven with my Eevee.

  17. MR Ampa says:

    Eevee is growing on me !

  18. Jennessa Sample says:

    Why not, I don’t know, just lead with, “buddy pokemon are back!” You’d get 10 times the amount of purchases on that alone.

  19. Joel Rodriguez says:

    Those have got to be the worst move names I’ve ever heard.

  20. CavemanFilms says:

    As a huge Pokemon fan, growing up with Pokemon Red and Blue and playing EVERY single Mainline game since, I can say this with all of my heart: this game looks like crap.

    You’ve taken a game that was already something I could easily defeat as a four year old and dumbed it down even further. What’s your target audience? 2 year olds?

    I’ve played LGPE at E3, waited 3 hours in line for it. Came out extremely disappointed but hopeful that because it was early on in the game it would get better later on down the road. I’m sad to say that from this footage, that’s really not the case.

    You’re on a console that’s stronger than an Xbox 360 yet you’ve made a game that looks like a mobile game. You’ve retreaded Kanto for the 3rd time and it’s still a 1 to one lazy recreation of the original map. You’ve REGRESSED making this game. Gen 5 had unique gyms, seasons, a day night cycle. This game? Has anyone seen one scene where it takes place at a time that’s not noon? And how cool would the Celadon Gym be if it was that big Rafflesia flower design from the anime instead of generic Gym#2?

    I was OK with the capture mechanics, though I would have liked that to have just replaced throwing Pokeballs and still let you battle wild Pokemon, I could give it a slide.

    Battle mechanics have regressed too, I was shocked to find out that this game removed Abilities and held items, but I has hopeful that there might have been some added difficulty due to some of the Pokemon’s levels being higher than they were in the original games. However, with the reveal of these special type covering Z-moves. I realized again that this is designed for a literal toddler to play. I get that I’m not the target audience, but I find this disgusting that you’d put so little effort into a game and then have the audacity to charge $60 dollars for it.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this will be the first time I don’t buy a Pokemon Game.

    Cue the hate comments.

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