Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures

Pet Sematary (2019)- Official Trailer- Paramount Pictures

Sometimes dead is better. Watch the official trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King’s terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.

Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.

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112 Responses

  1. Ben1234 M says:

    And that’s how Grumpy Cat came to be

  2. ЕВРEЙ says:

    I Don’t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
    I Don’t want to live my life again…

  3. Terry I says:

    I’m wondering what the subplot with the kids in the animal masks are for. Doesn’t seem neccessary but whatever.

    • Conrad Thaxton says:

      K E L .L O it was terrible

    • Undead zombie says:

      Terry l don’t start whining and complaining

    • wolflover968 AlphaMale says:

      Do yourself a favor and read the book first. Creepy as all get out, and will give you nightmares, like a REAL good horror/ghost novel should. Stephen King at his FINEST!

    • Dookie Howser says:

      I’ve read the book several times and never read about any raccoon. Now of course, Hanratty the Bull was an accurate and significant story told by Jud in the book. I’m also still not sure where the kids with masks came from, unless there was an extended version of the book released. I’ve read the 1983 version many times but that’s it. Although it would be a good addition to the movie to add a dream sequence to Louis before he buries his son (again) when the book talks about what is at the end of the leash that you bought, and what you bought eventually comes back.

  4. Daisy Ridley Videos says:

    Damn the Stephen King Cinematic Universe keeps going

  5. garrick wally says:

    the background toy drum sound was so creepy!!!

  6. JusticeWeeb says:

    “Sometimes dead is better.”

    Honestly, this is a mood.

  7. xxnike629xx says:

    So I guess they’re going to remake all of the Stephen King movies for modern times?
    It’s been roughly 30 years or so since the originals came out right? I guess that’s enough time for a remake.

    • Lina Aviles says:

      They’re called adaptions, not remakes. A remake would me to make the FILM in its entirety, not the book.

    • SpyengoEen says:

      No, they don’t “remake” them, they just finally adapt the novels properly.

    • Aaron Stewart says:

      They already did. By they I mean Stephen King and his TV miniseries.

    • Rob Arsenault says:

      I understand that The Shining TV miniseries wasn’t a museum piece like Kubrick’s ultra-mod-Shining, but I can’t be alone in noticing that it told a far better story (the novel’s story). Weber was great, able to be likeable when called for (unlike “full psycho, full time” Jack in Kubrick’s film), so that you actually felt bad for Jack when things started going to hell (if you felt back for Nicholson’s Jack, you belong in jail), and looking demonic at parts (his bloody smile as he stalked Danny in the corridors). Kubrick got what he got (which, viewed in a vacuum, was a hell of a horror movie) by sucking the life out of King’s novel. I pity those who’ve never read the novel and who therefore think Jack Torrance was a psychopath who probably would’ve killed his family eventually anyway (the picture Kubrick/Nicholson painted).

    • Aaron Stewart says:

      I agree, the TV version was much closer to the book in every way. I think the book was superb and Kubick did his own thing with the adaption. The book also did a better job of setting the mood when the time was right. Weber could do that, but the film didn’t capture it over all. Now if Kubrick had directed Weber, we would have gotten a solid book adaption I think.

  8. Peanut Bahrin says:

    2019… Pet Sematary and IT Part 2…

  9. Melanie P says:

    NOTHING is going to top Zelda from the original. Those scenes still give me nightmares lol

    • Melanie P says:

      I’ve read the book and I still doubt it. The imagery in the original film is what makes Zelda so freaking creepy.

    • Melanie P says:

      Not sure what that has to do with anything. That is one of the reasons it so unsettling – Zelda is nightmare fuel. I do hope they go into Zelda much further in this one, like in the book. There are many places they could improve on the original but Zelda is not one of them. Throwing a basic creepy kid in there will not make that happen.

    • Brad Hadfield says:

      +matthew Sedillo IT was a fun film but not scary at all IMO. I’m hoping PS is scary and not fun at all.

    • Undead zombie says:

      Melanie P not a competition sweetheart

    • Jake Sullivan says:

      Lol those parts haunted me as a kid. I won’t even watch them now. Not out of fear now. Just the fact that they damaged me as a chile makes me not want to watch them. Haha

  10. Amyne 696 says:

    1:30 that’s what I want

  11. Jokerz 79 says:

    I love John Lithgow but Fred Gwynne just owned that role.

    • Maximum Matrix says:

      Karli Miranda I don’t know. I would like the possibility of a SK cinematic universe, even if it meant remaking some movies that don’t need to be. Even though I think the original has aged poorly and it’s a bit dull compared to the book. Still a classic though.
      I believe people should give remakes more of a chance after the colossal success of IT 2017.

    • Karli Miranda says:

      You have a point about IT…

    • SHAC69 says:

      Fred Gwynne was born to play Jud Crandel as Brandon Lee was The Crow… Also his tone of voice sold it so well..The only flaws in the original is the watered down Timmy Baterman story and the not so interesting Daughter…Aside from the the only thing it missed was what they left out so they could make a 90 minute film instead of a 120 minute one…

    • Daniel Ortiz says:

      Nobody knows what a Maine accent sounds like, except perhaps only people in Maine.

    • Jared Botteicher says:

      I feel like brad garrett from everyone loves Ramon would own the part

  12. Shiyounin says:

    Dang, I really miss Jud’s accent.

    • NA NA says:

      Sometimes…Dead is bettah.

    • Nathan Morton says:

      Sometimes dead is bettuh.

    • Stephen Hedges says:

      THANK. YOU. Jud Crandall is my favorite King character. He is the most Maine entity you can ever imagine. I mean literally King put the word “Ayuh” into his vocabulary and it’s just an astonishing little piece that brings the whole setting together. Four letters. I know it’s a trailer. Honestly, it does look pretty freaky. Horrified to see if they actually include Zelda (which terrified me most about the book). But it’s the same issue I had with IT. Sometimes creative liberties just don’t work. I love John Lithgow, he’s a phenomenal actor! I’m sure had they had him do a classic Jud he would have nailed it. But Fred Gwynne WAS Jud. It’s not like a “Tony Stark is RDJ” thing to me, this is like King had seen Fred Gwynne around town and decided to put him in a book thing. Just the part too of “maybe it’s a myth” it isn’t selling the fact that Jud has been up there an knows. It seems more like a modern secret thing. Like I said, I know it’s a trailer. It’s not even two minutes of footage, no large segments of build up or context on how they wrote it. But… I mean… Sometimes deads bettah.

    • TheGrant59 says:

      Jason Keene not on that rod

    • juggernaut316 says:

      Jud Crandall… Ah live jusacross tha rawd.

  13. JaxBlade says:

    “I played with Mommy, Now I want to play with Yooou” That crap and the sister who had issues always creeped me out as a kid, So I’m hyped to see how they remake this classic.

  14. Histórias sem fim says:

    This is probably my favorite SK book, so creepy and gross. Hoping this movie will be good!

  15. Turd Ferguson says:

    Don’t you hate when large diesel-fueled tanker trucks sneak up on you from out of nowhere? Cheeky bastards!

  16. Mondo The Grunt says:

    You _know_ it’s from Stephen King when the story is set in Maine

  17. Bat Chain Puller says:

    This story was written to strike deep at the hearts of fathers.

  18. Joe Mcmahon says:

    What do we want
    SALEMS LOT !!!!
    When do we want it

    • Elvin Posey says:

      no WE real horror fans DON’T WANT A REMAKE! the original is enough!

    • Die Katze says:

      Need full things as well.

    • Reece Gallagher says:

      Anonymous Indominus me too

    • Rob Arsenault says:

      Yes to this. The original was enjoyable (James Mason!) but hokey in spots (Fred Willard?) and the Rob Lowe remake was also enjoyable but strayed from the story (I think – it’s been a while), this would benefit from a full-on serious movie treatment. Salem’s Lot always stood out among King’s novels for me, as it is creepy as hell but also very short and simple (perfect for movie adaptation, unlike something like It, where much was sacrificed). You could say the same about The Shining, which Kubrick made almost unrecognizable. The Shining TV miniseries was good and properly rendered the story, but, alas, it was a TV movie.

    • Conrad Thaxton says:

      Elvin Posey Did you like the “it” remake
      Much better than the original.

  19. Jw Nj says:

    Umm…I don’t know, if it sucks, that’s fine. I can still go back and watch the original.

  20. BROJOB says:

    Damn, the Trinity killer looks rough.

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