Pet the lamb that thinks it’s a dog!

Pet the lamb that thinks it’s a dog!

Jukin Media Verified (Original)
* For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom #SheepThatThinksItsADog Here’s “Pet” our orphaned pet lamb who has been brought up with our 4 collies Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan! She thinks the oldest dog Dice is her mother! Sleeping in the same basket and following her everywhere from a very young age!

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19 Responses

  1. Miloš Ilić says:

    Clever way to avoid the death penalty.

  2. zincink says:

    moar videos please – in HD and horizontal and slow motion and and

  3. TheVJProduction says:

    wonder if that sheep sniffs other dogs ass?

  4. Soard36 says:

    Dude you can’t just act like the black dogs and think you’re one of them
    thats racist motherfucker

  5. John Grandy says:

    Lamb and dogs are so funny, very cute. 

  6. vvvortic says:

    the sheep is such a cis gender, repot it, gg

  7. TheXeeman says:

    Where the hell do you live? looks beautiful

  8. Tansel Adacan says:

    Haha that lamb can hop!

  9. Will Smith says:

    Wait.. Which one was the lamb? 

  10. Blankerz says:

    To me those dogs look confused with the strange creature… poor thing only
    wants to play.

  11. Mus B says:

    ~( ^rich_*_* people^ )~

  12. tip says:

    This is just like when white people listen to too much rap music and they
    end up thinking they straight G, nigga

  13. TampaKurt says:

    Beautiful vid! If you took it in normal sideways mode, you could fit them
    all in the frame at once :-)

  14. JasonJay2012 says:

    Just like Forrest Gump, ‘That Lamb sure is a runnin’ fool’.

  15. Theodor Eicke says:

    Made me laugh, crazy thing.

  16. rako dlarn says:

    i was here before you all

  17. LeTip Fedoral says:

    M’lady – Jemma Mackenzie

    I’m here to inform you that the Reddit Court of Justice has shadowbanned
    you for filming vertically. In order to appeal the ban, you must first go
    through a very rough process: stop being a fundie, don’t visit 9gag and
    subscribe to /r/adviceanimals.

    LeTip Fedoral, moderator of /r/coontown and /r/european

  18. Dave Davis says:

    Baaaad dog

  19. Dave Davis says:

    What if the dogs are the true sheep?