Pete Davidson Drips With Sweat While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pete Davidson Drips With Sweat While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Pete Davidson is an actor and comedian you probably know best from Saturday Night Live. He also has a new comedy special on Netflix, “Alive From New York,” available right now. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Staten Island comic takes on the wings of death with host Sean Evans. Along the way, Davidson offers behind-the-scenes SNL stories, talks about walking in an Alexander Wang fashion show, and gives a ringing endorsement for “Uncut Gems” and Adam Sandler’s basketball skills.

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66 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    Who agrees with Pete that “Uncut Gems” was the best movie of the year? If not, give us your favorite!

  2. Dirty Sanchez says:

    Pete: “This is my 9/11”
    A few moments later
    Sean: “The next ones the widow maker”
    Pete: “My mom should’ve got this one”
    Lmfaoooooo back to back 9/11 jokes

  3. Benzo Indigo says:

    This guy is so genuine. I wish I could have a friend like him.

  4. fla la says:

    I sincerely hope Pete’s Crohn’s symptoms weren’t too terrible during + after this
    Bless ya Pete!! 😅

  5. Lauren Bader says:

    Listen aside from dying by hot sauce, he seems like he’s doing so much better and it makes me rlly proud and happy for him I love this guy

  6. R S says:

    Pretty sure Pete is the only guest to have ever caught Sean off-guard with those mom/dad jokes. He looked like he didn’t know if he could laugh or not and I relate😂😭

  7. Ash Patterson says:

    Pete having Crohn’s disease and eating the whole wing puts this easily within top 5 in Hot Ones episodes. Legendary.

    • MewTheWild says:

      @TheCnicus I’m aware I could have googled it, but sometimes socializing with others gives you a unique perspective into the thing you’re asking about. You should try it sometime.

    • Chase Blunt says:

      He also had sex with Ariana Grande…..legendary

    • Kyle Bernabe says:

      Shia is in first place no doubt. Dude dabbed every wing, cleaned and was barely drinking anything.

    • Themack530 530 says:

      @Kyle Bernabe not only that he’s probably high and took mushrooms i bet

  8. katriz says:

    I love that they really talked about Pete and not the women he dated.

  9. Cori says:

    Pete is so fricken likable! Also I would p a y to see John Mulaney do this. I have a feeling he wouldn’t though.

  10. TheFallofKTULU says:

    Me: I would handle this like Shia LaBeouf.

    Actually me: Pete Davidson

  11. vvytche says:

    this is the only hot ones that made me actually laugh out loud. he was slowly dying but kept it real.

  12. Eugene Denosis says:

    He’s the last person to be on this show bro. Rather than complain about his unique ass disease…he ATE THOSE WINGS LIKE A MAN!
    Best one bro 100/10 Performance

  13. GuyGames CX says:

    Pete davidson sweating, snot runnin down his nose, and crying : Im really havin a rough time
    Seans lyin ass: i feel ya pete i feel ya pete

    • Logan Hill says:

      Watch the h3h3Productions interview Sean talks about this…he does sweat and shit they just don’t show it

  14. Alex Garcia says:

    I honestly thought this guy was a douche but he’s really humble and cool. New fan

  15. David Banner says:

    Pete wearing Colsons watch so he doesn’t lose it is the cutest shit I ever seen.

  16. LIFE AS SYDNEY says:

    It’s like he’s cute but his awkward body language makes him even cuter

  17. Alex John says:

    I was damn concerned for Pete when he reached the white-faced Mickey Mouse voice stage

  18. Eric Ramsdell says:

    I’ve never seen Sean Evans looks so concerned with his guest’s well being.

  19. Jessica says:

    When he’s being himself he’s actually comes across a real cool guy.

    • Miguel Garcia says:

      Jessica he really is, you should hear how stand up comedians talk about him. nicest guy, great attitude. and even people he wasn’t so cool with, they’ve always got good things to say about him. his sudden negative uproar in social media happened because of the break up between him and ariana and her making it so public

    • RyanPm40 says:

      @Miguel Garcia except he recently trashed the SNL cast and they’re all kinda pissed at him

  20. Andrew Nyberg says:

    “I still havent finished Game of Thrones”

    Someone should tell him…

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