Pete Davidson Got Kim Kardashian’s Name Branded on His Chest

Pete Davidson Got Kim Kardashian’s Name Branded on His Chest

Kim Kardashian talked about going Instagram official with boyfriend Pete Davidson and confirmed that he not only has “cute” tattoos dedicated to her on his body, but he got her name branded on his chest! Tune in to the show for more!

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45 Responses

  1. steven beck says:

    this is truly shocking. it’s like she’s a new person, she’s radiating so much new energy. i truly hope she’s happier

  2. cheryl467 says:

    The way she swerved mentioning marriage or Kanye when she was talking about not dating since before Instagram 😂 she looks beautiful and happiness look good on her but that branding sounds excessive esp for a new relationship

    • Theo O says:

      @ana Baird nothing equal about it she finna crush tht man soul, he shouldve pumped nd dumped she 44 with 4 kids he just validated her nd she just enjoying it until shes tired of it smh you never fall in love with the next man babymomma or wife NEVER!! YOU HEAR ME!!

    • Hannelie Van Wyk says:

      @Darr Bank who do you know of that she was dating after Ye?

    • ana Baird says:

      Pete seems to give too much too soon. But, in this case, they seem equally yoked, so that’s good.

    • Ally Fehr says:

      Yeah the branding seems a little extreme 😬 especially being together less than a year so far saying he wants it on there forever and doesn’t want to be able to get rid of it. Kind of obsessive.

  3. Alexa Cruz says:

    The way she’s GLOWING and BEAMING and RADIATING and GUSHING happiness all just from talking about Pete literally makes my heart explode. She deserves this happiness. Love them together!!!

  4. JAM says:

    I get a feeling this is one of the rare times that she is genuine and her happiness is shining through. I wish them both so much love and happiness.

    • Janey Kent says:

      It’s all publicity….

    • 95leo says:

      I’m sure she seems happy whenever she gets into a new thing lol. I would never wish anything negative on anyone but judging happiness from an interview in a new relationship doesn’t usually mean longevity but still if they stay together that’s cool!

  5. Yannonymus says:

    She seems so much more relaxed and comfortable….it’s so good to see her this way 😍

  6. Ash Lynnn says:

    When Kim talks about just go for it, go for what makes you happy, its so incredibly true. If you have an opportunity to do something to better yourself, do it!

  7. Alexa Nelson says:

    She is 10000% more comfortable in her own skin and you can see! This side of Kim is amazing

  8. Elizabeth Yanez says:

    Her personality seems more bubbly here… that’s awesome

    Good for her…

  9. Supreme QUEEN says:

    She seems so much more happier and filled with positivity, Pete really affected her in a good way. I’m so happy for her. She deserves to be happy and at peace and to be treated right,not have her mental health challenged by Kanye.

  10. Petronella Dorey says:

    Obsessed with all the smiling she did, like I could cry!

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