Pete Davidson Thinks Being Engaged to Ariana Grande Is “F***ing Lit”

Pete Davidson Thinks Being Engaged to Ariana Grande Is “F***ing Lit”

SNL’s Pete Davidson talks about how weird it is how much people care about his engagement to Ariana Grande and his obsession with Robert Pattinson’s movie Good Time.

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Pete Davidson Thinks Being Engaged to Ariana Grande Is “F***ing Lit”

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63 Responses

  1. Simplyhyesu says:

    *He’s so cute and awkward i love him* 😂

    • bebe bibbes says:

      skankhunt42 sksksksk

    • Brittney Nicole says:

      skankhunt42 Salty

    • Kali Marie says:

      skankhunt42 not every girl cares about money. My Bf is like Pete in the looks department and funny like him too. He has a normal job and isn’t “rich” and I love him find him more attractive than the usual “good looking” type of guy. Just because there’s some girls that won’t give you a chance, don’t be salty because there will be many that love your qualities. Please don’t be one of those guys that shits on every girl because of other ones you’ve met. I’ve been treated like absolute garbage by other men but I’m not gonna say every man is like that

    • SquishxSlime LG says:

      skankhunt42 excuse me

  2. ItsRimi says:

    This is the best interview I’ve ever seen 😂

  3. Nicky H says:

    I totally get why she’s into him… He’s so adorable, incredible funny and very attractive…

    • PC says:

      Nicky H and he’s so real! he’s great

    • Nadia Nadia says:

      Why are people saying he’s good looking? Just because he’s with Ariana?! Give me a break! He’s ugly as fuck

    • Kali Marie says:

      Nadia Nadia it’s not cause he’s with Ariana. I think he’s attractive, plus his great personality makes him even better looking. I’ve dated some great looking guys, they know they’re great looking so they don’t try and they have no personality. I’ll take a Pete over a model looking guy any day. Plus you have to remember people find different things attractive even if you don’t. Not everyone has the same perspective on beauty, hence why some people get 20 surgeries to look like a doll or some will want to look like a bodybuilder. Everyone finds different things attractive, so in your opinion he’s ugly but that doesn’t actually make him ugly

    • BarrasLB says:

      This guy was dating a girl for 3 years, after a week of breaking up with her, he was engaged to Ariana. Sure this guy is clearly amazing, definitely nothing dodgy going on there.

  4. Reid says:

    This dude talks like his teeth are too big for his mouth

  5. ScarlettP says:

    I just find it hilarious that Pete really doesn’t give a sh*t he clearly came on here to promote his engagement with Ariana 😂

  6. Toby Ryberg says:

    Pete Davidson is so done…

  7. mlkths says:

    When he took a swipe at Trump and Fallon lowkey shat his pants…

  8. TrinNni says:

    He’s soo funny I can see why Ari likes him aha

  9. palemoonlight96 says:

    He and Robert Pattinson are so different yet both completely gorgeous!

  10. Salome Ragbir says:

    I dunno why I get the feeling that Pete was sorta high during this interview 😂

  11. Salome Ragbir says:

    Robert is so adorable 😂

  12. Kaitlyn says:

    I stan for this relationship

  13. Kaitlyn says:

    Literally one of the funniest interviews I’ve ever watched 😂

  14. Sophie says:

    I love that pete came on knowing that all they wanted to know about was his engagement, so he flipped the whole interview on its head to talk about how much he loves rob and his movie

  15. Jay Rock Jinx says:

    Dave is now literally living the sketch where he bones the teacher and everybody just hi 5s him all day.

  16. preetal says:

    never seen a interview with so many words bleeped out 😂😂😂 can see why Ariana loves him so much

  17. Hunter says:

    Pete is F-ing HILARIOUS!!!
    love him!! hahaha!!! sooo happy for Pete and Ariana!

    • Kansas Clark says:

      Hunter especially when he said Robert Pattinson was one of the greatest actors of our generation 😂😂😂

  18. Marcos Amparo says:

    Now I have to watch Good Times

    • Andrew Johnson says:

      * Good Time. Good Times was a TV show in the 70’s centered on a black family living in Chicago. But go ahead and watch that too if you want, it was pretty solid.

    • NotA Fish says:

      Good Time is great. Pattinson plays such a complex guy

  19. Akansha Basnet says:

    OK so can I have Robert though???

  20. Maliha Intikhab says:

    My crush on Robert Pattinson from his Cedric Diggory days is coming back.

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