Pets in Isolation

Pets in Isolation


Music: Plaint by Kevin MacLeod,
SFX: Envato Elements
Footage: Shutterstock, Envato Elements, Videoblocks

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48 Responses

  1. Lyze says:

    The shrimp typing, I’ll never not see that when I look at a shrimp again.

  2. Clever Girl says:

    “They have discovered my plan to irradicate the plants.”

  3. SuperNovaJinckUFO says:

    Zefrank, your bits with the cats talking about the “authorities” inspired me to write a dystopian book, which I am getting published now. Thank you

    • Cesar Maldonado says:

      Wait are you a shrimp?

    • Tom Carmy says:

      It’s not a real modern dystopia if the protagonist isn’t overly paranoid about the least concerning part of the dystopia and overreacting to it like a baby while actual serious people who are side characters actually do all the important plot things like in the don quixote book.

    • Lewi Davies says:

      SuperNovaJinckUFO he posted this 14 hours ago. You’re telling me in 14 hours you wrote a dystopian novel and got it checked, approved and published in 14 hours?

    • Todd Losure says:

      @Lewi Davies I think he is referring to the original ones from a few years ago.

    • SuperNovaJinckUFO says:

      @Lewi Davies His video “Sad Cat Diary” is many years old, my dude

  4. Carl Hamer says:

    I nearly spat out my drink when the shrimp started typing away.

  5. Sarafina Delirium says:

    Oh my god you’ve featured Sad Cat Diary halfway through… jesus… AND Sad Dog Diary…

  6. Alex Daman says:

    A shrimp novel, I’m not demeaning a book, it’s literally a shrimp novel.

  7. Adrian says:

    The shrimp is a pro, we must hear more.

  8. Spookay T'is Me says:

    Stealing his smelly babies, that he buries in his tiny beach!? I lost it 😂😸😹💩🤣

  9. Chris E. says:

    Pets are gonna be really sad & confused when this is over. Why are you leaving me alone again?!?? 😿

  10. TheYamR6Sp says:

    Cat: managed to fill his litle litterbox again with stinky babies
    Owner: cleans and refills it with clean litter
    Cat: why are we still here, just to suffer 😿

    • Canadian CanuckleHead says:

      TheYamR6Sp my kitten puts his stinky babies on the damn floor when he runs out of room, and I’m at work so I can’t clean it before he does!! XD

  11. Kira Marie says:

    The part about Zoom was TOO REAL. “It’s like being the best catheter.” LMAO!!

  12. Jennifer E. Pergola says:

    I love “The Authorities” in the cat diary and “Dearest Human” in the dog diary – sounds about right.

  13. Some One says:

    “It’s like a tiktok video in purgatory”

  14. Caleb Onstead says:

    “Zoom is better I guess, but it’s like being the best catheter. You still have a tube up your d***” 😂

    • Olivia Curry says:

      Caleb Onstead I don’t even use zoom or anything like it but when I heard that I knew it was a quote that would define an era

  15. Matthew Koller says:

    First off: Spot On.
    second off: If we do not get that entire book by S. H. Rimp, I will end it all.

  16. PanManDan says:

    It took me a while to realize the “tubes of endless joy” were toilet paper rolls! ^w^;

  17. Leonidas Escanor says:

    Dog: “, and I pray that it stays like this forever.”

    Me: “As of right now, I’m strongly against the idea.”

  18. ProgHead777 says:

    “They are thieves, and are most likely responsible for stealing my smelly babies that I bury in my tiny beach for safekeeping.”
    This man is going to kill me with suffocating laughter one day. Damn you, Ze. DAMN YOU! 🤣

  19. JoshJenrayAK47 says:

    You know, it’s… WEIRD actually being someone who’s considered to be on the front lines of this whole thing. Maybe because in the store I work at, it’s still as busy.
    Nevertheless, this gratitude is…appreciated, for want of a better word. Thank you all for your kindness and appreciation.

  20. Theresa Hecita says:

    When talking to a goldfish is like conversing with Groot…

    Goldfish: Bob
    Me: I swear I have been isolating myself
    Goldfish: Bob
    Me: Ok I did go drive thru McDonalds, but that was the last time
    Goldfish: Bob
    Me: That wasn’t me, just someone that looks like me

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