PewDiePie Comment On This Video

PewDiePie Comment On This Video

please tell pewds to comment on this! #shorts SUBSCRIBE!

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60 Responses

  1. Volt says:

    POV: You’re looking for PewDiePie’s comment

  2. The Horizon says:

    probably playing minecraft or looking at memes

  3. PewDiePie says:

    I dont get it, what am I supposed to do exactly?

  4. Zyphon says:

    Now get MrBeast to comment on it

  5. FBC Skript says:

    This is the most privilege comment section I’ve seen in years.

  6. Justine m says:

    It’s probably just your daily dose of memes

  7. Reiwire Gameplays says:

    2.6 million people: Ah yes, I am PewDiePie

  8. maka paka says:

    probably playing minecraft or looking at memes

  9. Mitesh Ďhatrak says:

    MrBeast and his gang 12 hours later:


  10. A.J. Strickland says:

    i didn’t expect PewDiePie to see it so fast lol

  11. JoshySickoMode says:

    When MrBeast switches it up, instead of him commenting, he’s getting PewDiePie to instead.

  12. Random Dani says:

    I don’t understand how he finds it lol

  13. Alimumgamer says:

    This is bravo 6 target KIA we need evac now my feet hurt : evac 341 coming in hot i repeat coming hot

  14. AJ Torres says:

    People: It can’t be that easy!
    Mr. Beast: It’s that easy.

  15. Samy Ghaly says:

    Holy lord they were stuck on the couch for 3 whole hours

  16. GruesomeGorilla888 says:

    Claim your: “here after Pewds commented lol ” ticket

  17. Misha says:

    “No, I said it first” so relatable 😭😭😭😭

  18. Silverstrike says:

    “No I said it first”
    Hahah, the one and only roast I can think of when I fight with my sister

  19. Elite Team says:

    Random person:
    Users that theyre name is PewDiePie: REEEEEEE
    MR Beast: Who isbreal thonk

  20. Arman2468 says:

    Now get Felix Kjellberg to comment

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