PewDiePie Teaches Stephen Some Swedish Curse Words

PewDiePie Teaches Stephen Some Swedish Curse Words

In his videos, YouTube superstar PewDiePie curses in English, but Stephen figures he must know some pretty great Swedish slang he can sneak past the network censors.

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20 Responses

  1. Emi Yano says:

    I couldn’t read the lips of the first curse word, but the second I assume
    is “Jävla fitta” (fucking cunt). And “helvete” means just hell. It’s a not
    very bad. But *HELVETES JÄVLA FITTA* is bad XD I believe it’s well used by

    Lesson: complete.

  2. MrGameplayGirl says:

    omfg im watching this on youtube, fuck yeah

  3. Katy Sarah says:

    Good job Senpai! Can’t believe Pewds was on Kimmel!

  4. SoftPictures | GFX says:

    pewdiepie is a fucking fag

  5. Leonardo Clement (Mr Bro) says:

    Is this the whole interview?

  6. Gorthaur Eternus says:


  7. TheDuke says:

    i saw javlar fita … i know my swedish swearwords

  8. The Big Guy says:


  9. Mark Marsden (9thGradeEnglishHonorsBook) says:

    I’m surprised he looks decent in a suit. Cool.

  10. Kevin Raguindin says:

    This Gave me the Laughs XD

  11. Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan says:

    Awesome interview, great job :)

  12. RedwakeGaming says:

    Oh wow, this is jarring. I’m so used to seeing Felix in the corner of the
    screen, not front and center and lookin’ all sorts of dapper. Also, it’s
    amazing to see how far Felix has come in, what, three years? It’s great to
    see that more of the YouTube community is getting recognized, outside of
    the hobbyists, the vloggers, and the DIY-ers, too.
    Also, if Stephen wants to have another LP’er on the show, I would HIGHLY
    suggest Markiplier. Where Felix is pretty much YouTube God, Mark
    is…YouTube Ghandi? He’s done his best to grow a community where people
    treat others with respect, and to make positive changes in the world, all
    while being an absolute goofball. He deserves a chance to get out there and
    show that not all gamers are ‘lazy, good for nothing, uneducated slobs’.
    Anyway, this was interesting! Here’s hoping the full interview pops up
    somewhere. I’d like to check out the rest!

  13. Ismael Bara says:


  14. Walrus The Tree says:

    Now THIS is how you treat a YouTuber with millions of fans on your late
    night talk show! Even if you don’t have a full grasp on the medium, you
    have to respect someone with that many fans. If it isn’t obvious by now,
    I’m talking to Kimmel.

  15. Pablo says:

    YAY! Go Pewds!

  16. John Harris says:


  17. syd seecharan says:

    love u Pewds?

  18. ɮɨtċɦʟɨċɦօʊs Animism says:


  19. Billie Isblij says:

    in deed i did not see this comming I LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME SO HAPPY !
    pewds indeed feels like a friend to me 😀 i really like hanging out with
    him haha

  20. Drew Hernandez says:

    Vanoss better be next