PewDiePie vs. Free Speech

PewDiePie vs. Free Speech

NYTimes –
Wall Street Journal –

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20 Responses

  1. x JayAyeWhy says:

    Theres a video where Pewds shoots a Jesus figurine in the groin and I didn’t see Christians get triggered

  2. mike fussness says:

    it. was. a. joke

  3. Dallasmed65 says:

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.

  4. Winter 冬 says:

    the problem is that his audience did understand that it was a joke, it was only when the jokes were taken out of context that it became an issue.

  5. Karen Riveral says:


  6. logan kerr says:

    correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Disney make a Nazi-style cartoon? I believe so. It was with Donald Duck.

  7. Jerrod P says:

    Casey, I think you are usually on point and I am inspired by most of your work. In my opinion you failed here. This was not only a view of this topic from 30,000 feet as they say, this was closer to the moon. He made one satirical comment and the balance were from him mocking the media. I could be wrong, I usually am, but you did about as much research as CNN does on most of their stories. This wasn’t fair to Pewdiepie in my opinion and this video shouldn’t have been made. I don’t get your intent here.

  8. Cuteness Overload says:

    It was not the subscribers who got offended, it was the SJWs at WSJ who got offended. Just like everytime.

  9. StudioghoulASMR says:

    C(NN)asey Neistat.

  10. charleyn71 says:

    And that’s how Casey uses pewds to get views himself…

  11. Ryan Rafnex says:

    the fall of Casey in 3…..2…….1……

  12. Rubberdude21 says:

    You mean Disney, the company founded by a racist anti-semite who wanted to be frozen after he died and brought back as a cyborg?

  13. LetzQuash says:

    Im sorry Casey, but I had to dislike this! Felix is a good guy and it was all taken out of context and used against him! #IStandWithPewDiePie #FuckTheMedia

  14. Blue Sky24 says:

    This is your worst video so far. 0% research and kind of arrogant of you, be careful casey your true color is showing up or you just solve your soul to this kind of media. This not the casey naistat that I know

  15. Tony Schaaf says:

    This video sucks. Go watch Philip DeFranco’s!

  16. SchussTheGod says:

    I came to dislike

  17. Emil Y says:

    First telling people who to vote for, joining CNN and now this. You’re on a roll dude! Wow Casey Great moves! Keep it up, proud of you!

  18. muffincupcakess says:

    Remind me again why we need Casey’s opinion on this?

  19. Ninja4editS says:

    Please Casey, redo this video.
    Remove this one and make some actual research before making a new one.

  20. Crailik says:

    Oh no Casey what have you done …

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