The faux-moral outrage of the Wall Street Journal cost PewDiePie millions of dollars over some jokes, while smearing him as an anti-Semite.

Write a letter to the editor here: wsj.ltrs@wsj.com

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19 Responses

  1. Enthios says:

    It’s fucking disgusting how Disney, WSJ, etc. are all frothing at the mouth for Felix’s blood. Ruining this man’s career because of a few edgy jokes THAT ARE NOT EVEN THAT EDGY.

    This manufactured outrage is out of hand. It is ruining lives. It has. to. STOP.

  2. TornadoCreator says:

    My letter to the editor –

    To Whom This May Concern,

    I write this letter hoping that it will reach someone of accountability at the Wall Street Journal to complain about the actions of three of the staff at your publication. These men wrote what can only be described as a hit piece in which they slandered a comedian for what is admittedly crude humour, but humour all the same. Offended by these jokes, these three men took it upon themselves to take these jokes out of context in order to publicly slander and privately attack the comedian in question. They contacted his employer and his sponsors in a successful attempt to damage him financially, costing him millions. It would not shock me if the victim of this flagrant disregard for free speech; Mr. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg decides to take legal action as I’m sure this would constitute libel and slander.

    The three men in question Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicias, and Ben Fritz have made a mockery of your publication. They have shown that they have no integrity, that they believe their sensibilities trump the right to free speech of others, and that they are prepared to use your publication as a shaming platform to damage the careers of anyone they personally disapprove of. I, and I’m sure many others, will have to question the honesty, integrity, and common decency of any publication that willingly allows such people to do these things without consequence, and without any attempt at restitution towards Mr. Kjellberg for the loss in both income and reputation. I would hope your publication will make an example of these men, such that the free speech you rely on every day in order to report freely can be said to be protected. This was not journalism, it was a slanderous piece of diatribe, a spin piece designed out of malice to financially hurt someone that your staff disagreed with and I would like the think the Wall Street Journal is better than that.

    Yours Faithfully,

    I wonder if this will get a reaction. Will keep you updated.

  3. Alex Spec says:

    You changed my mind about PewDiePie. I just subscribed to him.

  4. KeijiMaeda86 says:

    PewDiePie is what all the hollywood, media, and political elites hate. A millionaire that is a regular dude.

  5. alex cracan says:

    ”if you want to know who rules over you,simply find out who you arent allowed to criticize”


  6. Papa Midnite says:

    JK Rowling called PewDiePie a fascist on twitter. How is this real life?

  7. The 225677th Fragment of the Man-Emperor of Mankind says:

    Petition to grant Pewdiepie asylum in Kekistan.

  8. Olimpicus says:



    i hate to say it but people need to start suing for slander make them scared to lie

  10. NaJk93 says:

    How to pronounce “kjellberg” for you english speakers.

  11. Ediable says:

    First they ignore you.
    Then they laugh at you.
    Then they fight you.

    Then you win. -Mahatma Ghandi

  12. Gladio Ammazzare says:

    Being a “normal human being” is the new “counter culture”. I’m not trans or full of white guilt, therefore I’m weird.

  13. Raging Golden Eagle says:

    I learned this lesson from gamergate. I saw how they blatantly lied about gamers, then wondered what ELSE they blatantly lie about. I literally can’t trust anything they say anymore.

  14. Slightly Off Centre Line says:

    How do SJWS sail the seas?

    On a censor ship

  15. Dork Sword says:

    Sargon, you managed to get Jontron on a live stream. Do you think you’d be able to do the same with Pewdiepie?

  16. GHilliE says:

    “The regressive media has red pilled PewDiePie so much that he is now woke.” -Sargon of Akkad

  17. Sarah Brown says:

    Lol I’m glad Pewdiepie took the same path that Notch did. Once you get rich, fuck the public’s view of you.

  18. Kenny Powers says:

    Pewdiepie looks amazing in a Nazi uniform. Just saying.

  19. Captain Draco says:

    He wasn’t pretending to be shocked, that’s legitimate shock, he didn’t expect them to actually do it.

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