Peyton Manning Emotional Retirement Speech [FULL REMARKS]

Peyton Manning Emotional Retirement Speech [FULL REMARKS]

After 18 years in the NFL, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning announced his retirement today, saying in an emotional speech, “today, I retire from pro football.”

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20 Responses

  1. Lance Cowan says:

    Why in the HELL didn’t Peyton mention the time he sat on that poor girls
    face back in college? I’M sure his wife is so proud of that!I’m disgusted
    and disgruntled over this situation!

  2. Bryant Goggins says:

    All of those years of rooting against him…….and now I realized how much
    I really liked him. Wish you the best Peyton. God Bless !!!

  3. 1967mustanggta says:

    Thank you Peyton for all you did and continue to do in Indiana

  4. Wade Gallup says:

    14 people hate the game of football

  5. Drunk online Shopper says:

    8:03 mark

  6. Im Devy says:

    forever will be a legend

  7. Mark Smith says:

    Peyton is a true pro and genuine person. It has been a privilege to cheer
    for him and his teams over the years, from the first year in Indy to last
    year in Denver. I attended his first game back in Indianapolis after he
    started playing for Denver. It was an emotional experience for Indianapolis
    fans and Peyton. He’ll never be replaced in the hearts of Indy fans!

  8. Ricky Ramos says:

    those people who disliked have nk heart

  9. Chris Lewis says:

    Ok you life ruining rapist

  10. Nick Virgadamo says:

    what type of assholes would dislike this video

  11. Madeline Sorensen says:

    Peyton!!!!! Nooooooooooooo I don’t want you to leave the broncos! We
    would’ve never made it to Super Bowl 50 without you! You help the Broncos
    get farther! I love Peyton manning…. I can’t be the only one crying while
    watching this.. #Broncoslove #PeytonManning love you! I’ve know he’s
    retiring since the day after the super bowl, I just can’t get over the fact
    that he’s leaving forever. Be strong Peyton;)

  12. Nightmare - Counter Strike says:

    Peyton shows quite a few remarks of disgust and anger during the interview.
    I truly don’t think he wanted to retire, he was forced out of the scene by
    the allegations.

  13. Dylan Skud says:

    I have followed Payton for ever. I’m just a teenager but this man has
    changed tradition in my family. We always watch the games. Congrats on your
    last season. You won the Super Bowl for you 200th win. You will be missed.
    Thanks for the Memories.

  14. Robert Prescott says:


  15. Majestic Panda says:

    He played football so long his forehead started to look like a football

  16. kingdavid1029 says:

    Stupid ass feminist at the end go Peyton fuck your femmie trying to shit on
    such a big moment in history. Shame

  17. Nighttray says:

    It’s gonna be weird watching football without him.

  18. marktt380 says:

    Great Job Peyton it was fun rooting against you,Definitley a class act.

  19. HybridSage X says:

    Lets get this video to 18k likes

  20. Tragiic Fate says:

    I didnt cry… I dont really cry at anything