Peyton Manning Full Hall of Fame Speech | 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame | NFL

Peyton Manning Full Hall of Fame Speech | 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame | NFL

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38 Responses

  1. Joshua C says:

    I wish this man had 30 minutes to speak. The sheer decency, grace, and humility was AWESOME. His humanity was on full display too, this was just an awesome moment <3

  2. Aaron Mathis says:

    Peyton just put Roger on alert: He’s coming for the commissioner job, and I’m here for it!!

  3. Mukund Yadav says:

    Fun fact: it took 7 seconds to decide whether Peyton should get inducted into the hof
    That’s about 7 seconds too long…

    • Djoey Unchained says:

      The official report says 13 seconds but your point still stands. Probably as long as it took for everyone in the room to say yes one by one lol

    • Gerald Robinson says:

      Great comment brother❤️

    • Frank Sejas says:

      Lol this man needs no introduction into the hall of fame after he retired it was an automatic given… no discussion about it

    • Justus Denaro says:

      Probably shouldn’t have taken that long. Certain ppl there should be no discussion for. You know lol

  4. Edrickson Duane says:

    This man is the epitome of the QB position: natural leader, commanding presence, and steady demeanor. A national treasure 💯

  5. Anthony GDB says:

    “You can never really leave family behind” – Dominic Torreto approves of this speech. Anyway, my favorite QB ever is in the HOF like I knew he would be many years ago 😁

  6. Patrick Clark says:

    When he choked up talking about his dad, I damn near lost it.

  7. Kelley Engineering says:

    “A Legacy is only worthwhile, when there is a future to fuel”

    ~ Peyton Manning

    • Eric McClellan says:

      A close friend of mine had a advanced Physics class with Manning at the university of Tennessee and she said he was the best student with straight A’s in the class….

  8. Carson Claws says:

    He’s so good at everything

  9. Zack Hicks says:

    Peyton is such a legend in the game of football. In 100 years, he’ll be a legend still

  10. It annoys me says:

    The way he saves time here by weaving all of the important names into his mini-narratives is impressive. No listing of people–which is usually boring and time-consuming. What he displays instead is called “an economy of words.” Great writing!

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