Pharrell Williams – Freedom

Pharrell Williams – Freedom

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Directed by Paul Hunter

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20 Responses

  1. SavvySlug says:

    He called us all Dom

  2. Наталья Егорова says:


  3. jane lock says:

    finally… a meaningful song and video. But todays music has supply demand
    things, i guess because the most nonsense songs are listened at milions. So
    singers wanna be listened more and they give up on good songs because of us
    loving weird things. So sad:(

  4. Star HomieG says:

    Were using this world as if we have another one to go through

  5. Chris Oatmeal says:

    Pharrell never dissapoints! 

  6. Foszek3 says:


  7. Ignacio Agustin Saldungaray says:

    02:34 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Sand Macedo says:

    Nice to meet you!

  9. Мила Гважава says:


  10. Magdalena T says:

    my master <3

  11. Gabriel Moncada says:

    hola esta es la mejor cancion del mundo

  12. Violet bleh says:

    1:51 was literally on Teen Wolf.

  13. Daniel007 says:

    Lame. Gay rights everywhere .

  14. #Ja Na says:

    Einfach für uns
    #PharrellWilliams – #Freedom

    Thankyou Pharrell 

  15. Afra Sofía Montenegro Reis says:


  16. Tim Manders says:

    I’ve seen this first live @ Pinkpop :D

  17. Just Rosie says:

    Its not a song I would like to listen to cause he scares me when he yells
    FREEDOM lol, but the msg in it is great and im glad he made this video/song

  18. Jakub Sempek says:

    I was quite confident with my music skills until this guy came around>]

  19. See Lee says:

    What is your Freedom?
    Thanks to National Geographic+ You Tube

  20. Victoria Hudson says:

    We featured music artist Pharell Williams’ favorite image from our
    Happiness Kids photo challenge in the September issue of National
    Geographic Kids magazine. Watch his newest music video, “Freedom,” and tell
    us—and Pharrell—what freedom means to you using #MyFreedom.