Pharrell Williams’ Triplets Harmonize When They Cry

Pharrell Williams’ Triplets Harmonize When They Cry

Pharrell Williams opens up about becoming father to triplets, demonstrates his assembly line-style parenting and the talks about the music he composed for Despicable Me 3.

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Pharrell Williams’ Triplets Harmonize When They Cry

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20 Responses

  1. John M. says:

    God damn, Respect. I can barely handle myself.

  2. Rana Güröz says:

    His mustache is giving me huge pedophile vibes ??

  3. LVER MUSIC says:

    Jimmy’s fake laugh is so cringey..

  4. Lydia Megan Taylor says:

    Moustache looking like the Snapchat filter

  5. Ash says:

    Mustache + that weird smile. Jimmy’s creepier now

  6. Mr Regs says:

    dudes 44 like wtf lol

  7. Clare D says:

    I love how much Pharrell Williams appreciates women ❤️
    Edit: I totally knew what his name was ?

  8. LanaDatVlogs says:

    Can’t wait to see Despicable Me 3! I GO BANANAS FOR MINIONS!

  9. Gear bear says:

    This dude, never freaking ages.

  10. Thisisme Boj says:

    fake laugh or is it natural? Mr. Jimmy tell me

  11. YepItsThatGuy says:

    Jimmy looks like a 70’s Pornstar

  12. Kaia says:

    ayyye can I get likes for being a triplet?!!???

  13. UnLucky Mate says:

    this man is too young to have kids.

  14. E. Morisseau says:

    Hit the ? button if you think that damn mustache looks hideous. ?

  15. WeReallyOutHereBaby says:

    Who the fuck hyped fallon up to have a mustache smh

  16. iamDannyDeZinna says:

    I’m mad he dead called his children out by number ?????

  17. Tariq A'wesat says:

    pharrel Williams is my father’s age hoowwww


    Pharrell looks better than 20 SOMETHING year olds I know…wth he being drinking damn.

  19. Josefine s. says:

    Pharrell doesn’t age ! this man is 44 years old.

  20. Cesar Filho says:

    Must be so hard to take Jimmy seriously with that thing in his face.

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