Phase 9?

Phase 9?

Jump forward to the future of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a new preview for “Lokitty’s Revenge,” in theaters… Never! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

Happy April 1st from Marvel!

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Special thanks to Michael Shea & Archie, Christopher Dillen Phelps & Rudabaga, Katie Kubert & Zelda, Harry Go & Appa, Robyn Waters & Mr. Miles, Lane Kwederis & Dexter, Joe Billick & Robot, Eric Michael Pearson, Adri Cowan

Voice-Over by Jesse Falcon
Written by Lorraine Cink & Ryan Penagos
Shot & Edited by Brian J Stieve
Sound by Jason Cheung
BTS Photography by Judy Stephens
Intern: Laura Kammerman

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20 Responses

  1. jeon gary says:

    …And Nick Fury???

  2. Neutral Panda Films says:

    Pronounced Appa wrong.

  3. Billy Rincón says:

    I would totally watch this.
    Maybe Marvel should make a Pet Avengers movie.

  4. Zhiyang Lu says:

    Please, use the Screen Junkies guy’s voice!!

  5. James M. Mowery says:

    LAME! Not even close to being funny…
    Seriously, Marvel, it’s stuff like this (including that Web Warriors junk)
    that have made your legendary heroes nothing but a JOKE!
    I’m not even kidding right now, I can safely say that, because of
    half-baked parodies like this one, superheroes have become nothing but one
    sick joke.

  6. Jimmy Perez says:

    would it make sense that this team should be called the Pet Avengers

  7. gunm808 says:

    Of course Loki (erm, Lokitty) is a cat.

  8. King V says:

    EPIC!!!!!!! Best movie ever :P

  9. 4hotpink10 says:


  10. PurpleGamingStuff says:


  11. enderxmc says:

    April fools

  12. Master Kang says:

    The dog cat war continues 

  13. noisyturtle says:

    Phase 9 From Outer Space

  14. I|CyberGamer|I says:

    When is 20never coming?

  15. Praise Ogboro says:


  16. SuperHurricane says:

    Pet Avengers in Battleworld! Let’s have a nation full of pets ready for

  17. cp fletr says:


  18. snarkamedes says:

    Where’s Throg? And Niels?

  19. mal35m says:

    How wrong is it that I want to see this film.

  20. Amy Earle says:

    Still better than any DC film.