Phife Dawg Tribute: Traffic reporter drops A Tribe Called Quest rhymes

Phife Dawg Tribute: Traffic reporter drops A Tribe Called Quest rhymes

Mic drop! WSB-TVs Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship paid tribute to the late A Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg by brilliantly inserting lyrics into the traffic report.

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20 Responses

  1. Guy Lucien says:

    Whattttt – this is GOLD . This serious knowledge over here thank you WSB TV
    for allowing them to do this

  2. rudy liberato says:

    Cruyff and Phife dawg. damm B’s

  3. Brandon Kaghee says:

    A true town hero!

  4. Ronnie House Jr. - Road to 100 Subs! says:


  5. Thaxton Waters says:

    Major Salute 2 y’all for this….

  6. thebeatwontstop says:

    this is amazing. I live in Switzerland and woke up to this after a sad day.
    Phife lives in hearts across the world!

  7. cm386464 says:

    very nice

  8. Steven Wilson says:

    The white lady saying “the fuck these niggas talkin bout, get me my

  9. Mike Smith says:

    lmao! These guys are awesome. Throwing out hardcore fan quotes.

  10. bigchris662 says:

    ….I love them all

  11. Horrible Audio/Video Entertainment says:

    You know this guy, Mark Arum, back in the 1980s was like the only white guy
    raving about hip-hop in his high school, and no when else thought it was
    cool. but he kept talking and talking about how great it was, and this this
    one group called A Tribe Called Quest was just superb, and no one else knew
    what he was talking about, and even his friends were not interested in
    giving the music a chance.
    -now, he gets his day.

  12. Aiyana Kaizen says:

    “do dat do dat do do dat dat dat”. love the tribute.

  13. Brandon Black says:

    one more thing that we all have in common. see what happens when we point
    out our common ground instead of focusing on our differences. nothing but
    good vibes in the comments. good job folks. The 5 foot assassin will be

  14. Old Turntables says:

    He did it so smooth. If I heard this live I would prob miss the first
    reference. Then the second one would raise an eyebrow. By the third one I
    would have my hand over my mouth going “MANNNNNNNNNNN”Very creative. Its
    cool that the people from my generation who grew up on hip hop from the
    80’s and 90’s are now in professional jobs and still love what they grew up
    on. if I seen this guy on the street. I prod would take him for a Quest

  15. Matt Flores says:

    float like gravity

  16. SupremacyGaming says:


  17. PimpSlap says:

    Incredible job and great show of respect to a legend

  18. Larry Davis says:

    i love this man

  19. BassClefable says:


  20. John Doe says:

    Is he Bob Arum’s son?