Phil Mickelson’s FULL Final Hole and Reaction as he Wins the 2021 PGA Championship | CBS Sports HQ

Phil Mickelson’s FULL Final Hole and Reaction as he Wins the 2021 PGA Championship | CBS Sports HQ

Phil Mickelson’s 18th hole on Sunday as he gets swarmed by fans at Ocean Course on Kiawah Island.

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39 Responses

  1. Kyle Gibbs says:

    I never watch golf. But I watched Phil the last 36 holes non-stop with the Braves on. I don’t regret it. This was worth the watch start to finish. Lefty is insane.

  2. dman1737 says:

    Not gonna lie I cried.

  3. Vince Edwards says:

    I love seeing the army behind him as he makes his way to the championship shot!!!

  4. SuperYT says:

    I watched it live at my Local golf course clubhouse and everyone was cheering. You made us lefties proud Phil, congrats!

    • Cad Bane says:

      @The Duck thanks for all the clarification everyone! Lol

    • SuperYT says:

      @r0xjo0  @r0xjo0  Wow, it’s almost as if time fucking passes, and less and less people will have watched it live. So it would be nice to remember! Truly this is a revolutionary discovery to figure out the mystery of time and it’s function as a whole in the universe! The truest of geniuses couldn’t figure out the baffling questions of how time works, but you sir have solved one of the universes greatest mysteries, by making such a intelligent comment! Good job sir, you are an inspiration to us all!

    • MidLifeBiker says:

      A natural righty that plays left…Phil is our leader….

    • Nicholas Orsini says:

      Lefties unite!!

    • hlf_coder says:

      @MidLifeBiker Exactly. Oddly, Phil is right handed and Tiger is left handed. I actually think that might contribute to their success. Most people’s dominant side takes over on the downswing, pushes their shoulders out wide and causes them to come over the top. Just a theory though

  5. Tarot Kat Readings says:

    He looks better than he has in years…it’s paid off. God bless him.

  6. BigBlack81 says:

    Phil Mickelson just gave me such hope. I’m about to turn 40 this year and I am constantly reminded from the distant past that many great achievers didn’t even get cooking until their 40s, but sometimes you forget and doubt as days go by. Phil just did something very nice for me and I hope for a lot of others with this win. It’s an object lesson in not giving up.

    • Eoin says:

      @BigBlack81 Never mind the naysayers. Keep trying to improve. The only important thing in life is happiness

    • Justin Truax says:

      Phil has been playing since 13

    • Donna Webster says:

      Yes! Great lesson that we can all continue to strive for excellence in our every day lives. I just turned 60 and feel inspired… My Mom turning 97…let’s do this!

    • BigBlack81 says:

      @Zig Man Time will tell.

    • bryan H says:

      @1004benji stop telling people. Courses near me are overrun by morons that have no courtesy whatsoever. Disc golf used to be awesome, now it’s a joke.

  7. Robbie Cleigh Marks says:

    Not only did Phil make me and my family emotional, but so did seeing thousands of people of all kinds gather together to celebrate greatness. That’s rare these days

    • jdhill4 says:

      What about Phil’s views on trans intersectional bilingual acceptance? His silence is deafening.

    • sir price says:

      people of all kinds that’s funny

    • Kevin Keller says:

      It’s golf. A game where grown men knock a little white ball around, trying to hit it into a little hole. That’s it. That’s all it is. A sport, a game. It has no other meaning regardless of how some try to make it so. Be real, he was the best at golf in one tournament, and if some equate that to greatness, their view of life and reality is skewed. Funny that golf is so important to some. Sad really.

    • 7Roeth says:

      @Kevin Keller I feel similar, i don’t feel like being good at sports makes any person “great” perhaps they are great at playing sports but that is about the end of it.

    • Work Less Play Harder says:

      @Kevin Keller ???? By that logic, life has no meaning. The sun will melt the face of the earth off in a billion years so why do we do anything? That’s just such a stupid comment

  8. JM Studios says:

    phil was smart, he wore sunglasses to hide those tears of joy. I’m just crying out in the open

  9. Adam Suvalskas says:

    You just look at that crowd and you say to yourself “golf isn’t going anywhere any time soon”

  10. Trevor Lee says:

    In the 90’s when everyone seemed to be Tiger fans I was always a Phil admirer I liked the way he carried himself .

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