Phil Spencer Interview: Redfall Reviews, Activision Deal – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 137

Phil Spencer Interview: Redfall Reviews, Activision Deal – Kinda Funny Xcast Ep. 137

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Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, joins the show to talk about Xbox’s week with the Activision acquisition block and Redfall reviews.

Time Stamps –
00:00:00 – Start
00:03:10 – Phil Spencer on the Activision Acquisition and Redfall’s Launch
00:29:43 – Phil on Lessons Learned
00:34:39 – Quick Hit Questions

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19 Responses

  1. GameRiot says:

    Real Honest conversation. Fair play to Kindafunny and Phil

  2. Max Delpo says:

    Congratulations for both the interviewers and Phil. This was a monster and honest interview, extremely informative and without hiding. Kudos to you all

  3. Ezio Wayne says:

    Despite everything, I gotta salute Phil for still coming onto the show and answering tough questions.

  4. DOXthaFOX says:

    What a great episode, with even better conversation. Kudos to everyone here, KF bringing the questions and concerns and Phil, for honestly answering them.

  5. The Inside Byte says:

    Mike absolutely crushed hosting that interview with Phil Spenser. I mean that was some of the best interviewing talent I’ve seen in years. Was incredibly respectful but did ask all the perfect hard hitting questions we all were thinking and even having follow up questions the moment they popped into our heads as long as the timing was right.

    Also gathering a great amount of information from Phil when he looked like he was about to cry yet never once came off rude or in any way a bad person was so great!

    The amount of information we all know because of this X-Cast is weeks if not months of material (if I cared to do so).

    Anyways you gained my respect SnowBikeMike. That was great!

  6. B Lew says:

    This should get some kind of award for honesty and just being a good interview! Hats off XCAST crew!

  7. stuffnthings says:

    really impressed with everyone at not shying away from tough questions. great job KF

    • Justin Lacek says:

      Somebody should’ve at least brought up 343i and that whole debacle. I don’t think Phil ever said anything about that situation.

    • Emmanuel Vega says:


    • O pinon says:

      ​@Faksakesobviously he didn’t and that’s not really relevant here. They are moving on and will have protections in place to prevent a reoccurrence

    • Faksakes says:

      Why didn’t they ask him if he played the game before release? Most obvious thing to ask.

  8. Vince Luciano says:

    Props to all 4 men involved. Clearly not easy to do this week but as stated throughout the interview, transparency is always respected in hard times. Still looking forward to the showcase! *cough* Bring BANJO *cough*

  9. S2J says:

    This is yhe kind of interviews we expect as fans who are watching media interviews with big company execs .

    Quality was high .

    Lots of appreciation to the entire xcast team.

  10. EC TV says:

    Really well done KF XCast team. The questions got straight to the heart of what Xgamers wanted to know and Phil’s responses and taking responsibility were appreciated

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