Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

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29 Responses

  1. Miles Boulton says:

    Minshew played his heart out. I got to watch him at WSU. Great talent. 34 points will win most games.

  2. Dat Dam Dee Allen says:

    This was really a great game

  3. Tonya Brack says:

    I can only imagine what that environment was like LIVE!!!🥰🥰🥰

  4. Jay's Randomness Channel ²⁰²² says:

    First catch on a new team and my man T.Y. gets a 50 bomb!💪🏿

  5. NBK_Grimmz says:

    The 3rd and 30 conversion was absolutely insane. Great job by T.Y. Hilton to catch that.

    • Casstle says:

      @Cowboys edits The throw was just as insane. Hit him in full stride perfectly out of reach of the defenders.

    • Cowboys edits says:

      Give some credit to Dak though too, it was a PERFECT throw

    • daniel arocha says:

      @Ollphéist Beithíoch Stop making excuses. For eagles loss. You act like Dallas didn’t have any injured starters. The first time Dallas had a back up ab and still causght up to eagles.

  6. Billy Martin says:

    Very impressed by Minsew but you have to give credit to Dak on how he was able to rebound from that early pick 6 and shred that Eagles defense. Shannon was right, without Hurts, the Eagles are still a good team but Minsew is not Nick Foles and while nobody really expected him to play as well as he did, in the end, just like with Cooper Rush, showed why he is a backup, the Eagles D let the team down, not him, he’s not Hurts and they shouldn’t force him to win the game for them.

    • Chase Farrow says:

      Yeah, to be honest, I was nothing but impressed with Minshew. The INTs were the result of the Dallas DBs being aggressive as hell.

    • Michael Flanagan says:

      those two ints were the receivers fault for letting the corners rip the ball out you can not in all honesty say those were on minshew lmao

  7. Lukmaan Pratomo says:

    This was probably the best Christmas Gift for me. Both teams played their hearts out and it was an amazing match to watch.

  8. Agholor says:

    I’m an eagles fan but this is going to go down as one of the best games between these 2. The build up leading up. Minshew playing, 4 TOs, both offense exploding, 3rd and 30(game changer). What a game

  9. SalaryCapo says:

    Hope this was at least entertaining to the rest the league. Props cowboys kept playing hard to have answers.
    These teams if healthy will put points on the 49ers best defense.

  10. Popz says:

    “They lost to a Backup QB” “They won against our backup QB they would’ve lost if we had Hurts” A win is a win, They both played an insane game! Dallas just came out on top!

    • Bryant 88 says:

      @Philly Jackson stay “salty” 😂😂😂😂 Im over here enjoying my Christmas meanwhile you’re being a sore clown loser just to hate on the team that beat your Eagles log off YouTube buddy

    • Bryant 88 says:

      @Setsuna F. Seiei ok the Eagles are overrated got it

    • 19werewolf19 says:

      @Josiah Hill almost isnt… Good enough… a win’s a win…we barely beat y’all’s back up and y’all barely beat ours… So shove your excuses up your ass

    • Lake Hound says:

      You maybe didn’t watch the first game …because in yesterday game you backup qb play better than you started qb did in the first game … and 40 points to any defense is a lot … special to the best defense in the league

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