Phillies vs. Astros World Series Game 1 Highlights (10/28/22) | MLB Highlights

Phillies vs. Astros World Series Game 1 Highlights (10/28/22) | MLB Highlights

Phillies vs. Astros full World Series Game 1 highlights from 10/28/22, presented by @Chevrolet

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42 Responses

  1. Greg Scott says:

    First team to beat the Astros in the playoffs this year! Phillies are for real! Respect!

  2. Evan Smith says:

    That was one of the more impressive performances by a baseball team I’ve seen in recent memory

  3. XingzeiLoL says:

    This Phillies team is so special. They just never gives up! Game 1 in the bag. Let’s do it again tonight. Go Phils! #RingTheBell

  4. Whyinem says:

    What an awesome comeback! The Phillies are no joke and show that they have earned their trip to the World Series. As a Cubs fan, I want to see former Cubs Schwarber and Castellanos win a ring!

  5. Your Mom says:

    “No no no TIME OUT. You’re staying right here. You f**king leaned in.” 😂😂😂 LOVE the fire from the Ump in the big spot 🔥

    • Josh Mason says:

      What a call!! Hats off to that ump!!

    • AU says:

      @Bryan Seas what do you suggest I do?

    • Bryan Seas says:

      @AU havent ye read to cast not your pearls before swhine? Be fishers of men, not feeders of fowls. dont be throwing seeds here and there, have ye never read the parable of the sower? Blessed art tho, for following your Lord and repenting and doing His Will.. but The Lord Almighty has a plan for all His children, shouting and tossing seeds of Truth will not rush Fathers plan anymore than Hes supposed to for His children. Be patient therefore, and when you spread the Word, knock, for it is written they shal seek and they shal find. It isnt written to not seek and find, but to see, and find. Be a fisherO’men.

    • jaemincat says:

      omg thank you for this! i couldn’t figure out what he said >__< amazing call!!!

  6. MarloSoBalJr (MJofLakeland1 Gaming) says:

    That catch by Castellanos was the unsung winner for the Phillies. What a comeback Philly!!


    What a comeback! Go Phillies from Yankees Nation!

  8. E N says:

    Phillies are playing with all their hearts and passion on the field to get the win❤ don’t doubt them

    • Greysen Gagne says:

      Nobody is doubting them at this point, everyone wants them to beat Houston.

    • HardWork says:

      Sorry they will keep the extended playoffs but will take off the 2nd base runner on extra innings. Sorry for the mistake.

    • HardWork says:

      The last season with extended playoffs and Phillies are taking advantage of it. Good for them. Next season back to almost old school rules, no playoff extended and they banned the shift too.

  9. Carmy says:

    This game was a rollercoaster of emotions.

  10. The Law of Divine Oneness says:

    As a Yankee fan let me just say that it’s good to watch two real teams playing real baseball. They say that a series doesn’t start until a team wins on the road. Well done Phillies……well done.

    • Johan Corrales says:

      Take a hike pal

    • Kelvin L Love Jr says:

      @Vern Pascal Agreed

    • Vern Pascal says:

      Yup. The Yankees and Dodgers act has got shall we say a little stale? I’m for The Phillies,but the Astros are a terrific well rounded team. Couldn’t be a better matchup.

    • Kelvin L Love Jr says:

      As an Astros fan I appreciate your comment. Doesn’t get any closer than this first game. 6-5 with runners on 2nd and 3rd. I am very shocked that my team allowed the Phillies to come back. They got that 5-0 lead and got too comfortable. Hopefully they think about that in the future games

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