Phoenix Cops’ Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape | The Daily Show

Phoenix Cops’ Extreme Response to Shoplifting Caught on Tape | The Daily Show

Phoenix police threatened to shoot a couple in front of their young kids over an allegedly shoplifted doll in an unsettling but not uncommon abuse of power.

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72 Responses

  1. George Washington says:


    • Anonymous Andy says:

      @Alcojuana Those that can’t think critically, use labels to try and make themselves feel like they have a semblance of understanding.

      Those that can think for themselves, will read and listen.

      I appreciate you for giving me my platform, without you I would not exist. Your ignorance, is what makes people listen.

    • Felicia Kelley says:

      Anonymous Andy racist piece of shit!!

    • Reuben Taylor says:

      Hey, hey! We Anarchist hate cops but don’t lump us in with people like him.
      Disliking the police is the only thing we have in common.
      We don’t claim him… Lol

    • Alcojuana says:

      @Anonymous Andy Lol okay, thanks for the laugh, hope you change for the better one day. I know a cop personally, married to my sis, great guy & serves his community well. Kind of Ironic how someone as Bias as you would use the word ignorance too, seeing you obviously have an extreme bias towards cops. But I guess takes one to know one eh?

  2. damnfunnychicken says:

    ò_0 put dat mofos behind bars. sick fks…

    greetings from germany

  3. Christopher Pow says:

    Trevor I admire your ability to report on events like this with poise, honesty, and humor. You are a great man!

    • TYR FREE says:

      Because he isn’t from here, that makes all the difference. It’s just like an American black is not going to be too emotional about South African apartheid but Trevor Noah would be.

  4. Bunny F says:

    $10 million is not enough, most of that goes to the lawyers. And why are the cops on paid desk duty? They should be suspended without pay while the “investigation” is going on. Then they need to review their whole arrest records.

  5. Karwan Ahmad says:

    Wow I thought iraq was bad place to live ?but now I see

    • Donald Narcissist Trump Shithead says:

      @Nub B Wrong in USA they will shot you if they think you’re holding a gun..think only…yes in middle East is Sharia laws ie Saudi arab which by the way seems to be Trump’s fav at the moment despite the Khasshoggi killing remains supportive and even wants to sell more arms!

    • Veritas Vincet says:

      What did you expect from America? The US wars in the Middle East spilled over into Syria leading to 2 million deaths, yet has the US Government said that they give a fuck that they did this?

    • Faysal El idrissi says:

      @Nub B you better start looking at statistics. USA is worse. More daily killing/mass shootings and murder then Iraq. Let that sink in for a moment. Yeah.. Sharia law ain’t close compare too the out law your country is in.

    • Juan Carlos Alonso says:

      Wow, I guess for some americans it’s enough to have better standards than Iraq… I live in Europe (switzerland) and watching this video made me feel like it came from a third world country honestly.

    • Cece Giles says:

      Karwan Ahmad Whites are afraid of blacks in America because they don’t know how to communicate with them ,but on the flip side whites love stealing black culture and profiting from it.

  6. S Ford says:

    AmeriKKKa! Land of the free, home of the most incarcerated on Earth! What a contradiction!

    • Jinx Dragon says:

      @PsychoDieter91 ,
      Are you willing to give them the most productive parts of the country?

    • PsychoDieter91 says:

      @Jinx Dragon of course. The entire continent even. The African continent that is. Except the parts that are occupied by Arabs and other sand people. Keeping blacks in the americas would just further the oppression that started when bringing them there in the first place.

    • 21 Cabbage says:

      @PsychoDieter91 Yeah racism is the answer, I swear now we need a new education system when I see comments like this

    • PsychoDieter91 says:

      @21 Cabbage chill dude, I didn’t start this. I just saw the original comment about AmeriKKKa and responded in kind. If you have a problem with racist comments you should take it up with @ S Ford before complaining to me about it.

    • 21 Cabbage says:

      @UCD3otoA8rEDTxFit47IL0QA Sorry if I came off as aggressive, I just get pissed off cause all my black folks complain about racism today, when they are living the best lives any black person has ever seen. All thanks to the work of MLK, but now people wanna reverse it and fight racism with racism, which really pissed me off, again sorry dude if I came off as aggressive I’m just really passionate about this subject

  7. Kyle Loftis says:

    Absolute evil. These pigs belong in prison. No question about it.

    • SciCurious says:

      Right? Video from the Dollar Store proves the father stole and let their kid steal too, then put their kids in danger by not stopping when they’re caught. It’s time to stop treating black people like children and make them live to the same standards we expect from everyone else.

    • Anonymous Andy says:

      @SciCurious Learn to read.

    • White Power says:

      How do u know the situation wasn’t set up between all of them?

    • SciCurious says:

      @Anonymous Andy Learn to think. I was clearly being facetious. Then again, if you were capable of critical thought you wouldn’t have made your initial comment, so my bad I suppose. You sound lovely. I’m sure you’re an upstanding citizen. That was sarcasm, by the way, as you’re obviously not the sharpest, nor most moral, tool in the proverbial shed.

    • Anonymous Andy says:

      @SciCurious God damn, that took a long time. This is the internet buddy, there’s no tone of voice on the internet.

      If you want people to understand stop pussyfooting around, say what you mean and acting like a little bitch when people don’t understand you.

  8. GoodTimes says:

    There was so much disdain in the way the cop kicked the father’s leg

  9. Alexander Scott says:

    I can’t believe the excuses people are making for this behavior.

  10. GoodTimes says:

    The cop that kicked the guy’s leg seriously annoyed much hatred

  11. Tam keels says:

    This is absolutely America white supremacy at its finest!

  12. motorcopT2 says:

    After 30 years of being a cop I am ashamed. To top it off, the chef was our old chief “useless”
    We need more exposure to correct this behavior.

    • K N says:

      It’s good that a cop can acknowledge such. I’m sure that this behaviour must be in the minority? I don’t know about USA, but in South Africa, there are so many useless police, yet at the same time, there are so many good ones trying their utmost to help and do what’s right…

    • Sascha Bösch says:

      K N Same over here in Switzerland. Sure there are some idiots that shouldn’t have the job, like everywhere, but most police officers over here are very nice, trying their best to do their job and are always respectful, no matter the situation. Things like this are absolutely unimaginable over here and wen Americans complain about the cops they have, a lot of people over here think they are overreacting. We simply cannot imagine things like this happening in our place, and the US proclaimed itself as the worlds police force for quite a long time, so those 2 things just don’t fit together.

    • caribgirl726 says:

      30 years as a cop, which means you’ve seen it all, and you are ashamed by this. You were (are) one of the good ones. ?

    • Cece Giles says:

      motorcopT2 its obvious that white cops are afraid of black civilians, they don’t know to communicate with them

  13. Homestead Hippie says:

    I’m from PHOENIX. We TRAIN people on how to do just what was done in this video. We had to deal with Sheriff Joe Arpaio for decades. We learned to speak up now or it’ll be too late because there will be death. Yes, we TRAIN people to take videos and diffuse these situations. (Of course, you know about the racism on social media from the Phoenix PD, don’t you?)

  14. TrickWithAKnife says:

    America is the land of no accountability for those in power.
    Seriously, if accountability were universal and fair, the US would be a paradise.

  15. Han Smith says:

    Hello 911, I would like to order a delivery of Good Cops Bad Cops, with extra topping of F words and aggressive sauce, oh and minus the good cops.

  16. Edwin Medina says:

    After reviewing this footage, we have determined that we did nothing wrong
    -every internal affairs investigation

  17. There is Only one says:

    In order to become a qualified cop/police officer

    ?? 9-12 months
    ?? 16 months
    ?? 2-3 months

    • Sigmund Sanders says:

      2-3 months to become a cop is bs . In Dallas it’s 8 months in the academy . 32 weeks and then once you graduate you go through field training where the rookie rides with a veteran officer to learn . 4 different phases of this training that last 4 weeks at a time . I hate when people put out false information .

    • John Doe says:

      Officer Orange cheetolini please oh please provide a link to that ruling!

    • bigbozz101 says:

      @Raoul Watkins even that is way too short. How can you learn the laws, tactics how to deescalate situations, proper training and most importantly a medical psychological report or rather evaluation so that not every idiot who likes just to shoot some people up or has a happy trigger finger to be put on the field.
      It’s pathetic only 6 months of training.

    • Cece Giles says:

      There is Only one More like 3-6 days

    • Carol Lynch says:

      JohnnyShagbot no you definitely should not be killed for wanting to serve your community. Unfortunately the focus of police training isn’t about protection. It’s about arresting and killing the enemy, us the people in the community. Until the application process includes mental health evaluations and the training of police change innocent people will continue to be killed for just breathing.

  18. bleunt says:

    first thing I thought: “I bet she’s black.”
    aaaand… yep. she’s black.
    but I’m sure that had nooothing to do with their reaction.

    • mizzpoetrics says:

      Oh it never has anything to do with their reactions…. remember – they say it’s all in our heads! ??
      We’re making it up, racism/brutalization/death by cops is just us “not complying”! ??
      Oh, & another one of my favorites – what about “black on black crime”? ?
      Haven’t heard the “what about Chicago?” in a while, the trolls must’ve gotten tired of using that one! ?

    • Philip Clarke says:

      @mizzpoetrics 100% correct…???????

    • Michael Griffin says:

      And nothing to do with the fact that if they were white Trevor Noah would not report it…

  19. jamm9621 says:

    Can you imagine handing your kids over to a stranger to protect them from being shot by police. Think about that.

    • miguel ornelas says:

      @Sead_Chen_III lmao im just gonna assume the way you think is the result of having a micropenis! ????

    • Sead_Chen_III says:

      @Rosy R
      Cops deal with people all the time. When crimes are often done by africans, they get racist. Racism is a cycle of cause and effect. Have a clean record and nobody will ass ram you for stealing when you dont steal. Dont argue thats its okay to do anything if youre even slightly mistreated.

    • Lynn Wilhoite says:

      @OBEYTHEWALRUS G59 Yeah, cuz that’s what happened here(NOT)! A four year old doesn’t know right from wrong you fool! Guns are NOT the appropriate response here!

    • Sead_Chen_III says:

      @miguel ornelas
      Nice one. “Follow law = little peepee jajaja” grow up.

    • Bigga Winna Crapsa says:

      @Juan Carlos Alonso – You have something stuck in your throat – oh, it’s a black dick, never mind.

  20. uzah88 says:

    I live in Phoenix. Please don’t stop covering this nationally or they’ll keep doing it here.

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