The Chicago Sky are WNBA Champions for the first time after defeating the Phoenix Mercury, 3-1, in the WNBA Finals presented by YouTube TV. Kahleah Copper was named WNBA Finals MVP. Courtney Vandersloot dished out 15 assists in Game 4. Candace Parker wins a title in her first year with the team.

The #WNBA’s 25th season is underway! #CountIt

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39 Responses

  1. LucasLGSwitch says:

    The end of this game was crazy

  2. Refuse To Win! says:

    Congrats to the Sky. They got healthy at the right time, beating the best regular season team on the way to the finals. Impressive!

  3. agrey832 says:

    Since the playoffs began, I kept thinking how crazy it would be if Candace Parker won a championship the same year she joined the Sky, and the same year she became the first woman to be on an NBA2K cover…….and here we are!! I’m so happy for CP3, one of my all-time favorite players!! 💙💛💙💛

  4. RedLightning17 says:

    Having remembered when the Sky lost in a sweep 7 years ago, I shed a couple tears seeing Ally, Courtney and Candace bring the first title of the franchise home to Chicago. #SkyTown

  5. DAMIAN COX says:

    Congratulations to the Chicago Sky for winning their first ever WNBA championship

  6. Hirokjan Barman says:

    The thing is both Candace and Sloot are incredible in passing the ball. Their team is balanced, plays beautiful basketball. I still think Sloot could have been the fmvp.

  7. Warren Larson says:

    I’m 70 yrs old. I’ve enjoyed bb pretty much my whole life. These young women play great basketball. Aggressive defense. Unselfish offense. Tremendous energy. Wonderful skills. Congrats to both teams. Of course, major respect for the Chicago Sky.

  8. Timanni Walker says:

    Skylar played an exceptional game. The entire team did but after Game 3. When CP didn’t even a crack a smile it was clear. She was in mamba mode. The job is finished now. Whew this was a good one.

  9. Patrice Lumumba says:

    Vandersloot should have been the MVP of these finals. She was absolutely amazing.

    • Janet Watkins says:

      Imma tell u why sloot shouldn’t hav gotten the MVP .now if u watched all the playoff games like I did then u should know as gd as sloot is with assist. N shooting she is just as gd turning the ball over especially at crucial times .several times she file 3 pt shooters like taursi n other player giving them 4pt play n u just cant do that .kc was the only consistent player avg 18 pts per game n a dam gd defensive player that’s why she won mvp

    • Jumpman600 says:

      @Janet Watkins I told you we was gonna make noise!! Didn’t I??

    • Jumpman600 says:

      @Janet Watkins We champions💯🔥

  10. Joelisa Cooper says:

    This game was AMAZING!!!!
    Sloot has such amazing court awareness and her passes are like no other. Candace is quite a leader and COPPER is deserving that MVP. I felt the TEAMWORK!!!!

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