Phora – Feel [Official Music Video]

Phora – Feel [Official Music Video]

Phora – Feel [Official Music Video]
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First I lost you, now I’m lost in the drugs
Pop this, take that ‘till I feel numb
All I ever wanted was to be yours
All I ever wanted was to feel love
But I’m 6 pills in and I feel fine
Can’t stop thinking ‘bout when you were still mine
I just don’t know what to do now
Guess I’ll take another one just to kill time
Can’t feel my face and I cant move
But they say you can’t love what you can’t lose
So I’m sitting here trapped in my own thoughts
Now I can’t feel all ‘cause of you
You ever so lost that you feel alone
You ever scared to end up on your own
You ever get hurt till you can’t feel
I ain’t never had a place I can call home
I ain’t never had nobody I can run to
I ain’t never had a home I can come to
I ain’t ever have nobody really love me and that’s probably why I don’t know how to love you

But it’s really hard to think about you
Can’t breath
Can’t eat
Can’t sleep without you
And they all say I lost myself trynna find you
But I’m not me without you
I don’t want to go through it no more
I don’t want to do it no more
I just took all these pills
Fuck love
Fuck life
I can’t do it no more
Think I’m fading out
Please don’t let go ‘cause I’m fading out
Please don’t let me go ‘cause I’m fading out
Please don’t let go ‘cause I’m fading out


Doing everything I can to feel something
‘Cause everything I do feels like nothing
Don’t know what to think
Don’t know how to move
‘Cause it don’t really make sense without you


Directed by George Orozco & 6th Element

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56 Responses

  1. Keyryj C says:

    Hope you’re doing better than before 🖤 we’re all here for you , your days will get better , I know hearing that has helped me in the past 💕 we’re strong for you just like how you’ve been strong for us , love you to the moon & back ✊🏻

  2. 1,000 subscriber's without video? says:

    one thing confirmed,he will never make bad music.😫

  3. Leah Rodriguez says:

    Felt this 🤧. Another amazing song. I love you so much man 😭🖤

  4. Ryan Matson says:

    this means album on the way. But HONESTLY, Marco, there is NO WAY you will ever beat last years album. Nope. Yours Truly Forever album is a fucking CLASSIC. edit: oh my god, this was fucking amazing. Is this gonn be on the album or is this just a loosy? BRUH 2018 SO MUCH GREAT HIP-HOP ALBUMS HAVE DROPPED….. Such a great year for REAL hip-hop. god DAMN,.

  5. Jason Trujeque says:

    man your going thru a hard time and i know your strong enough to get thru it . you’ve had hardships like this before and i’ve seen you succeed. there is light at the end know that for sure man . but don’t give up on life because of someone . people change and so do you. be a strong man i know you are and keep your head up . everyone is here for you . we love you.

  6. Paulina Phan says:

    “Dont know what to think. Dont know how to move. Cause I dont really make sense without you.” 🥀

  7. Alfonso Balcazar says:

    Sometimes we leave or lose the one we love most. Not because we don’t love them any longer but for the simple fact we feel like a weight on their shoulders. A stophold for their progression or happiness. What we fail to realize is that we need them more than we think we do. I feel every fragment of pain from me letting someone I love go and this song hits me right in the heart. I needed it but at the same time I wish it hadn’t brought it back to mind. Year later and hopefully some day I meet someone who relates or understands me. 🙏

    • RIP Beamer boy says:

      Alfonso Balcazar that’s deep bro I couldn’t have said it better but you will find that someone we all will there’s hope for all of us we just got to stay strong and were not all alone we always have someone but God Bless you bro🙏🏻

    • Alfonso Balcazar says:

      RIP Beamer boy I do my best to remind myself of that every day. Learning how to cope with loss and love is one of the most challenging experiences in life. Put all that on top of someone who already struggles with his or herself and one can feel like a burden to those they need in life. The one thing I do understand about myself is that I have been so terrible with sharing my love to someone that I have so much of it to give. The darker side of that is the barrier. The understanding/accepting of ones love in order to be capable of giving it back. Being trapped in the mind clouds the expression of ones heart.

    • Maricruz rodriguez says:

      Alfonso Balcazar well done and said 😩😩💯

  8. Emotional Waves says:

    Love is like a Rose flawless to the eyes beautiful at first but eventually it dies

  9. Celena Irene says:

    I felt this hard man…. ❤🌹🌹
    Already fw the album

  10. Selena says:

    he genuinely doesn’t look happy and you can hear the pain in his voice and see it on his face , everyone should be worried about him and his health but no some of y’all are so damn worried about pointing fingers and putting dezy down 🙄💔 MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS… if you really care worry about showing support for/to Marco 🙁 I love you Marco and stay strong you’ve come so far and got through so much sh’t head up mi corazon 💛

  11. marelly gongora says:

    i felt this.. i really needed this. man it sucks loosing yourself tryna love someone else especially when they already gave up on you.

    • RIP XXX says:

      and when they don’t care about you no more and they end up moving on.

    • marelly gongora says:

      RIP XXX it’s funny bc i can’t do the same :/

    • Rajeev Dwarika says:

      Yeah Ik what you mean wish I could be the same but I spent weeks tryna love back the person who left me guess that person never loved me cuz I wasn’t worth fighting for love is so bitter….. sometimes I ask myself is it a rose dressed up as a sharp thorn waiting to cut your hand 😔

  12. KubyBeats says:

    Dont sleep on Phora

  13. RappyTracks says:

    This song should be #1 on trending!

  14. betzy ramirez says:

    Yooo i felt this deep af…. my ex and i recently broke up couple weeks ago. He hurt me. But i remember him always telling me he had no one to run to, no family to run to because they don’t really talk, and he said how he felt like his parents didn’t love him and man now i understand why it was hard for him to love me… still not an excuse but when you said something similar it brought me to tears cause i thought about my ex 😭😭😭😩💔 I LOVE YOU PHORA.

  15. iAMMARSAL91 4evr says:

    Leave a like for the ones in pain

  16. Angel Garcia says:

    Who was here before 1 million views

  17. ruby's Vlogs says:

    She don’t deserve you

  18. xKyriie says:


  19. Nate420 says:

    💔 Phora puts me in the feels

  20. Ravyn Davis says:

    Nf and phora should collab. Who else agrees

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