Phora – No Love Freestyle [Official Lyric Video]

Phora – No Love Freestyle [Official Lyric Video]

With Love 2, the album, coming soon.

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Music video by Phora performing under Yours Truly Records.


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38 Responses

  1. LiL Loco says:

    Who listen to this song on phora live??

  2. Gherbo Galvan says:

    Facts 💯💯💯 Phora the realest 💯💯💯 Your truly forever

  3. Kayla Jenkins says:

    I like how I told my friend about phora and he was saying he trash till he start listen to him ❤️🖤phora hard boyyyu EDIT: for the ones comin at me in the comments…lmao y’all deadass don’t know how to read 🤷🏼‍♀️ read it again before coming at me

  4. no one says:


  5. Megan Castellanos says:

    No artist has made music that I can continuously feel a connection towards like Phora’s music🖤🦋YT 4Ever

  6. Nissa sanchez says:

    Hold up anyone else gonna say how he said he “had a girl”?

  7. Brandon P.B says:

    “Thought that you had my back, turned around found out you stabbed me” -Yourstruly

  8. Diane Roth Frantzich says:

    Your going to blow up. You already are. But just imagine you in 10 years. I cannot wait. You’ve helped me more than any therapists ever could. You’ve changed your life for the better and helped change people for the better with your music. This sounds cliche but without you a lot of people would be lost. Phora we love you and we will forever support you. 🦋 yours truly, Diane

  9. Amber Sager says:

    “I had a girl, you might have heard, but that got in the way” yikes it ended bad with Dez 😬

  10. Josefina’s World says:

    I literally had chills throughout the whole song thats deep and true but your doing way better big things are coming your way yourstruly forever 🦋

  11. Young Dagger says:

    Didn’t even finish the song and it’s in my playlist 😂

  12. Priscilla Soria says:

    “I wrote this song for anyone hurting this one for you” hit

  13. Niah Kanoelani says:

    “I wrote this song for anyone hurtin, this one’s for you”

  14. Jack Haynes says:

    What a tune! “I’m making sure the album is perfect, no time wasted”. That’s love right there 👏🏼

  15. Guccichasing 1.0 says:

    I love when phora dedicates to us hurt ones shout out to everyone who is keep fighting and holding on ❤️🧸

  16. Monica Aguirre says:

    Who else be vibin mad hard rn 🖤🦋

  17. Evander Morillo says:

    “Shout out G-Eazy for our last conversation. If it wasn’t for him, I’ll be hangin’ in the basement”

    Can we all thank G-Eazy for saving Phora on whatever he’s going through lately? 🌹🥀

  18. B. says:

    If Phora ever committed suicide, I would cry. And I don’t cry for anybody but my gfs or passed family. Love you bro! Keep ya head up. You help me keep mine up in the darkest of times. 🖤🦋🔥

  19. Guadalupe Parra says:

    “Gave them everything that they wanted, so they don’t need me now” daymm that one hit 🥺💗

  20. El Toro Rex says:

    “Gave them everything that they wanted so they don’t need me now” I felt that and “I had a girl but that got in a way” 😔

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