Pianist performs John Lennon’s Imagine after Paris attacks

Pianist performs John Lennon’s Imagine after Paris attacks

A man performed John Lennon’s classic ‘Imagine’ on a piano outside Bataclan concert hall in Paris – the scene of mass murder last night: http://bit.ly/1SrMVbW

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20 Responses

  1. chakadoo says:

    This guy is butchering this song.

  2. yung holocaust says:

    Maybe instead of imagining no religion, we should do something about it.
    Kill the extremists, create campaigns to secularize the population, and let
    the Christians convert the rest.

  3. Antonio Camacho says:


  4. Ouilhes Ferraz says:

    apoio aos franceses, morte aos extremistas EI…

  5. jesuis moi says:

    when the chaos is everywhere, there is only one religion, universal, the

  6. Raptor Jesus says:

    imagine no religion…

  7. paul Smith says:

    Lennon’s imagine is basically the communist manifesto set to music. The
    reason why communism was an abject failure is because the author of the
    communist manifesto did not factor in human nature. Alas, Europe will
    descend into inter-ethnic warfare because the architects of the
    multiculturalism project ignored the inherent tribal nature of humans.

  8. Lewis Winwood says:

    who puts a dislike on this for fuck
    sake humanity !!!

  9. Lewis Winwood says:

    I’m not religious and personally detest the idea of religion especially in
    its extreme form. To kill or die for something no one knows truly exists is
    just plain ridiculous. But if there was no religion humans would fight and
    kill for something else it’s just our stupid nature !

  10. Jaromeo1287 says:

    France and the rest of the world will not be broken by terrorist attacks!
    It only makes us stronger! It only brings us ever closer together! Peace
    for Paris!

  11. Felipe Neri MKT says:

    Qué rápido montaron este show. Agenda del NWO

  12. Steven Marks says:

    Music heals all wounds. This is the first step. What a lovely way to start
    the healing process.

  13. James Gray says:

    Did Obama send him instead of air support?

  14. Marvin Geovani Clavel says:

    Imagine no religion!!!

  15. Blanka Misconi LEE says:

    great man

  16. weedbgone says:

    Yup this should defiantly stop all those insane Muslims what is this 1967?
    Drop a bomb on them!

  17. Abdallah Bissar says:

    The key lyric to this song is “..and no religion too”. I don’t think people
    quite grasp this yet.

  18. Proton2112 says:

    Is “douchebag” in French spelled “douchebag”?

  19. Andrew the Beatnik says:

    I listened to Lady Gaga’s performance of this in Azerbaijan last night
    after hearing the news. Such a tragedy.

  20. Winnreck says:

    I teared up a bit.