Piccolo Music Visualizer

Piccolo Music Visualizer

Maximum blinkenlights, minimum effort! This easy project combines an Arduino with our microphone amplifier and bicolor LED matrix to create a music visualizer that responds to ambient sound. http://learn.adafruit.com/piccolo

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16 Responses

  1. Lance says:

    That’s crazy!

  2. Aaron Wiedenfeld says:

    whats that good for?

  3. COPIER WOMAN says:

    This ROCKS!

  4. Joe Herbert says:

    I want to do this with the FLORA! Any plans for a Flora mic?

  5. TedRobotBuilder says:

    Music light show or a robot dance to music.

  6. AvanteRobot says:

    Yes I second the Flora mic. Imagine the awesome disco outfit you could make!

  7. Leighton Hall says:

    Where can I get this song…..IT’S AWESOME. But this is awesome too,
    looking in to building it!

  8. stealthop says:

    that thing is so sexy im gonna make it right now

  9. Michael Bell says:

    FLORA MIC!!!!!!

  10. stealthop says:

    its not crazy its science

  11. Antonio Caminero Garcia says:

    is this possible with a 16×32 led matrix?

  12. Matthias Heinz says:

    Can it be realized by an “line in” input, without microphone?

  13. Brandon Fesser says:

    ‘Dancing Strings’ by Ivano Icardi?

  14. Rob B says:

    oh sweet! i like this! ill probably expand upon this for some custom
    visualizers for the music i make! 🙂

  15. Illu - minati says:

    What if you put Skrillex on it.

  16. Ali Al Dalwi says:

    Popular Right Now?