Pick 1-10: 3 Quarterbacks, The Highest Drafted TE, & A Late Trade! | 2021 NFL Draft

Pick 1-10: 3 Quarterbacks, The Highest Drafted TE, & A Late Trade! | 2021 NFL Draft

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44 Responses

  1. Dats a Paddlin says:

    Fields was lookin like he got a PS4 instead of PS5 for Christmas when he found out he was goin to the Bears.

    • Warlord1015 says:

      Looks like he got a PS5 instead of an Xbox Series X with game pass for Christmas 🥴

    • Fortunate Existing says:

      @Warlord1015 ok ummm u doing too much

    • Dub4Life says:

      Nah he got Robinson Mooney, with Tyrik Cohen coming back! Just need to work on the Oline the rest of the draft, and we already got a defense. This is big

    • Glow Gang says:

      @Isaac Walker
      You relise they picked up marquises Goodwin of free agency who is one of the fastest players in the nfl +Arob+ Darnell Mooney who was a stud if you watched the bears games. I agree that their o line is bad but they are probably going to draft some online men in the second and third round. Justin field will learn from experience in Andy dalton and nick foles and is going into a good situation in a young and future great franchise.

    • Glow Gang says:

      @Humpty Dumpty yeah + we picked up marquises Goodwin of free agency

  2. Alexander Kasza says:


  3. Larrysgdz Thebest says:

    *I wonder how EDP would feel about the devonta smith pick…. oh wait*

  4. Donald Belmonte says:

    Cowboys and Eagles were like:

    “We hate each other right?”
    “But how about we trade then mess up the Giants”
    “That’s good too”

  5. Kerrick Harris says:

    I can’t wait until the season starts to see how good these QBs are 😂

  6. Max_The_T says:

    Damn they skipped Penei Sewell getting drafted. O line men are players too

  7. J.winterbutt says:

    Joe Burrow’s Knees Are Crying Rn 💀

  8. Carlos Castillo says:

    Fun Fact: Teddy Bridgewater has been traded to the Denver Broncos for a 6th round pick.

  9. BoviceSON! says:

    Damn. The NFL just ignored one of the most athletic o-linemen in years.

  10. SympyQweet says:

    The way Mac Jones came out of his booth to congratulate Smith when he got drafted was so wholesome I loved it.

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