Pick ‘n’ Roll | Game Of Zones S7E2

Pick ‘n’ Roll | Game Of Zones S7E2

MJ is coming. And now the players must pick a squad to save the realm from the Dream Team. Watch the second episode of the epic #GameOfZones four-part series finale (@StateFarm)

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56 Responses

  1. Ballers Anonymous says:

    “he was their glue guy.”
    “…now more than ever.”

  2. Ballers Anonymous says:

    “the strength is in the shards”

    Paul Pierce: “…that was just a normal fart.”

    • AJ says:

      Ballers Anonymous I’m a Celtics fan but these Pierce scenes are hilarious😂 they’re doing him wrong for this😭

  3. Ballers Anonymous says:

    “…another vote for Vince Carter, he’s 42.”

    Vince: Actually, I’m 43 now!

  4. sotojoe559 says:

    When Kyrie was snubbed and Bill Simmons looked at him all crazy.. lmao

    • Robert san diego says:

      Some very subtle things if you listen to Bill on a regular basis. He’s convinced Kyrie was a cancer in Boston, and convinced that CP (in his prime) is better than Kyrie

    • RD17 says:

      @Robert san diego In his prime CP3 is absolutely better now is more arguable but CP3 was called the point god for a reason

    • Daniel Qurbanzadeh says:

      Robert san diego prime CP3 was the best PG in the league for a few years in New Orleans. 23-11-5-3 on 50% and carried a bum team to 50 wins. Kyrie could’ve been better all time if he stuck with LeBron.

    • ali ali says:

      they’re both crazy

  5. LaMar Gibson says:

    “It’s Christan Laettner.”
    Also shout out to the Van Gundys:
    “Form a f**kin wall!”😂

  6. Happy Singh says:

    “Paul Peirce be like “He is aiming for me”, Dwayne be like “Your not even in the top 30 of all time!”

  7. Jay Kelly says:

    SAS should of told DWade…you’re wrong, and here’s why!

  8. Bruh Man says:

    We love game of zones don’t leave us like the real show

  9. Jacob Bolanda says:

    So far this is better than the actual last season of Game of Thrones

  10. Ellis Woodyard says:

    The book at 2:29 and 2:30 is killing me 😂 “pushed the white men of the Forest deep into the winter lands of canidia some of their became the people of hockyina” 😭😭😭

  11. Terry says:

    “Tonight, we ride for Seattle.” Hey Bleacher Report I came here to laugh, not to cry

  12. Vanray Javier says:

    Lol. Nobody remembered Christian Laetner and he’s still sitting as bench warmer for the Dream Team that was hilarious 🤣

    • Edward Zamora says:

      That shoulda been Isiah’s spot

    • 50K Subscribers with just 2 videos Challenge says:

      @Edward Zamora Yep but he had beef with Larry, Magic and MJ so basically 3 of your superstars doesn’t want to play if Isiah was in the team so I can’t blame the USA team

    • Daniel Mario says:

      You stop it! 🤣

    • Laurentius says:

      Isaiah needs to make a cameo

    • jefferson cristobal says:

      Christian Laetner has the best seat in 1992. Of course he will be ridiculed by the shear talents of the Dream Team, but he has the first seat to witness the greatest players in game or off games

  13. THE ONE AND ONLY says:

    Who else was trying to come up with Christian Laitners name

  14. AJ Sato says:

    Silver: “Taco, do you want to go up against the Dream Team?”
    Taco: “uhhhh not particularly”
    Silver: “Right, thank you. You may sit down”
    Taco: “I am sitting down”
    ***Makes Dwight Howard look like CP3 💀

  15. Tristan Shaw says:

    “It’s Christian Laettner”

    Mike Breen offscreen: BANG!

    LMAO 😂

  16. Anonymous Troller says:

    I’m a Sonics fan and the whole time I was thinking man what I hope he’s talking about Seattle, and then at the end I almost cried

  17. Otherbub 222 says:

    “They have Zach Lavine he’s pretty solid” “no he’s not” killed me

  18. pingubek says:

    “Tonight, we ride for Seattle.’

    Everybody felt that.

  19. Fred Leeland says:

    Whoever wrote the book was on point
    “Cream City”
    “The amount of energy it took to control Charles Barkley was thought to have drained its power”

  20. Toyadome C says:

    “he’s coming for me”
    “No Paul”

    “Its the truth. The truth…”

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