Picks 1-10: Multiple Quarterbacks & Trades! | 2023 NFL Draft

Picks 1-10: Multiple Quarterbacks & Trades! | 2023 NFL Draft

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52 Responses

  1. Curry Chicken says:

    Eagles not getting a sack against Mahomes had to be a reason for these picks. They definitely need it

    • Aaron Buckwalter says:

      ​@Lauren Becerra All of the money and time to build the Eagle’s D-line and it’s severely neutralized due to poor grass in the SB. Beyond frustrating!

    • Van 2.0 says:

      @Do Du you crazy bro…Will was the best defender over the past 2yrs and they gave up a 1st and 3rd…you don’t know football and value to say something so stupid…Eagles draft is future cause they are so good right now…Texans got a starting QB and a starting DE two premium NFL positions…Texans won the 1st rd easily considering need, draft boarfst, and positions

    • Dane Ironfoot says:

      Alot teams are beefing up defense because of Kansas City lol

    • David Valentine says:

      ​@Lauren Becerra The Eagles DC was trash .

    • Lauren Becerra says:

      That was the trash ass field they had to play on. Damn shame it had to be like that

  2. Peter Sedesse says:

    Insane.. playing in the SB and then being able to draft Jalen Carter….

  3. NFL Productions says:

    One of the most unpredictable drafts of all time

  4. Landyn Rankin says:

    I can’t tell if CJ was crying because he got drafted or because he got drafted to Houston

  5. Sports311 says:

    The Texans have stolen the first round of this draft so far

    • Albert Wesker says:

      The Texans will still be 6-11 after giving up half of there future picks

    • Mr. Atlanta says:

      The Eagles Did That.

    • Ryan Dattilo says:

      @jinwoo agreed, although I do love what the Texans did, feel like they gave up to much BUT they got the best edge IMO, easily and a stud qb, and that’s coming from a colts fan. Eagles NAILED their picks, carter might be the best defender in the draft and Nolan smith is a DOG. We’re not even desperate for edge and I wanted Ballard to trade back into the first to snag him because he fell so far. Biggest value pick by the eagles and combine that WITH carter… come onnn NO BRAINER they won the first round. Hands down.

    • Do Du says:

      u guys are insane… check what they gave to get just a solid defender. one of the worst trade up i have seen for a while.

    • OBNOX IOUS says:

      Can’t believe they let C-Go fall to the Pats…🤯…What a steal

  6. Adonis Rayton says:

    Stroud looked so much bigger than Young its kinda crazy 😂

  7. s190309 says:

    Someone mocked Levis No2 overall , but eventually not picked in the first round

  8. Bob Smith says:

    As a Seahawks fan very surprised we went CB but also getting JSN makes me happy

  9. Alex Amerling says:

    Love getting Darnell Wright. Absolute monster.

  10. Qohy says:

    Not a Panthers fan but I’m glad they got a good rookie to join there roster good luck Carolina!

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