Picks 1-5: Back-to-Back-to-Back Former Teammates, & Multiple QB’s | 2020 NFL Draft

Picks 1-5: Back-to-Back-to-Back Former Teammates, & Multiple QB’s | 2020 NFL Draft

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67 Responses

  1. Jonathan Kim says:

    Andrew Thomas at 4 is a shocker

  2. Ian Patel says:

    When you get drafted first and can’t hug ur parents

  3. Le’Kendrick Lamar Jr. says:

    Andrew Thomas bout to be an all-pro his rookie year, believe dat !

  4. Yacob Pearson says:

    Bengals have oddly been willing to part with money this offseason. We are building towards something special!!!

  5. Zombie1Boy says:

    Rodger Goodell:


  6. Navon Myhand says:

    Joe Burrow after getting drafted 1st overall:
    👩🏼 😐 🧓

  7. Tao Hsieh says:

    Tua’s parents are so calm

  8. Jag Swag says:

    WHO DEY Let’s go bengals fans!!!

  9. Chidozie Osuji says:

    Fans: Booooooooo!
    Rodger Goodell: You think this fazes me

  10. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    It just doesn’t feel like the draft is really today 😷

  11. Tarrence Conyers says:

    Goodell has really evolved as a commissioner.

  12. Stan ezen says:

    Happy for all the draft picks. Their hard work is paying off its inspirational and beautiful to see !!! 💪🏽🙏🏾

  13. AWall E says:

    Tua: *Gets ultra rare once in a lifetime opportunity after blood sweat tears & years of training, dedication, sacrificing, working hard day & night his dreams come true in one instant*
    Tuas Family: 😑🤵🏽😑

  14. Charlie Higgins says:

    LMFAO okudah brother left like he was in a war zone game and had to come out

  15. Jesse Oh says:

    5:40 goodell was so proud of himself pronouncing his name he forgot to do the rest of the sentence

  16. BooMz N BladeZ says:

    no lie, everytime goodell pokes fun at himself and all the boos, i earn a bit more respect for him

  17. George Collins says:

    Roger goodell is finally pronouncing 2020 as “twenty-twenty” instead of his usual “two thousand twenty”! 👏👏👏 Let’s hope that adam silver can do it too in the nba draft!

  18. 0 to 60 Life Lv says:

    “Every team gets better after the draft”
    – Rodger “Robot” Goodell

    Unless your the Lions, or Browns. 🤣

  19. Alec Narmandakh says:

    Gets drafted into the nfl:

    Tuas family:

    • Western Man says:

      Im guessing but maybe its because Miami is so far away from his family? I mean Hawaiians are very family oriented, no? Maybe they hate the thought of their prized boy being on the opposite coast…An ocean and a continent away.

    • Dom1118 says:

      Western Man he’s been at Bama

    • jeremy rodriguez says:

      Western Man no it’s Bc the tv was delayed by like a min or 2 and they didn’t hear it the same time we did

    • Mr. Hustle says:

      @Western Man I mean be happy your son is going to the NFL

    • Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3 says:

      @jeremy rodriguez Then why was Tua excited and they weren’t? They were most likely hoping for a west coast or at least a mid western team.

  20. BOOM BRO says:

    Commissioner: “Wow even the boos are good” hahaha broooo 😂😂😂💀💀💀

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