Piers Morgan Walks Off Set After Being Called Out Over Meghan Markle Comments | THR News

Piers Morgan Walks Off Set After Being Called Out Over Meghan Markle Comments | THR News

Piers Morgan stormed off the set of his own morning show in the U.K. after a colleague called him out for his rants against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry following their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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Piers Morgan Walks Off Set After Being Called Out Over Meghan Markle Comments | THR News

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100 Responses

  1. Fernanda Mendez says:

    Morgan can walk away from an uncomfortable situation but meg cannot? 😂😂😂😂

  2. K P says:

    Piers is obsessed with her

  3. Daniel Mann says:

    Weatherman creates an indoor storm

    • Stella L says:


    • Alan Bower says:

      @iVenge💯 YES I think beresford should be going too he started all this nonsense it’s a disgrace should be made step down this is a WEATHERMAN talking like this did not think that was his department to be talking out like this out burst he made he should be made step DOWN NOW

    • Christopher Micah Gowing says:

      Your clearly one of those idiots that is blaming racism…pierce is not racist….he is a realist…

    • Christopher Micah Gowing says:

      Yes sorry i cant spell…..but id rather polish up on my grammer than shout the racist card…..none of us know the facts, weve heard from a stupid failed actress whos own family say she is a narcissist and pulling the racist card……all jumping on the band wagon. We need it confirmed, too much blame on racism…….im not white, and i dont see it as racist……

    • Orsolya Lévay says:

      Noice 😃😃

  4. SummerJ200 says:

    This is what unresolved rejection looks like people…

    • Crazy Hai says:

      Iron Wings I’m a psychologist in my day job. And I would say nobody has to hold any particular political belief at all, to see Piers is absolutely fixated on Meghan. Nor does anybody have to agree with anything Harry or Meghan have to say (and for the record, I think a lot of their claims don’t add up), to see Piers’ obsession with them ISN’T within the norm.

      It’s not even about ‘cancel culture’ (which I agree can be a ‘thing’). Rather, Piers long ago lost any professional objectivity about Meghan and Harry. Yet by his own account, the worst she ever ‘did’ to Piers, was meet him a few times for professional purposes – then she didn’t return his calls.

      Yet he talks about her with the frequency, bias, hatred, negativity, etc., that are more commonly seen towards cheating spouses. For the record, I don’t think his hatred is necessarily because he has an attraction to her (which she rejected) – though that’s possible. Rather, I suspect he probably suffers from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

      Nobody can diagnose anyone over the internet for definite – but we can give our initial ‘impressions’. And NPD is my initial ‘impression’ for Piers (and Meghan, too, by sheer coincidence – but that’s another story). People with NPD believe they have the ‘right’ to associate with people from the ‘elite’ (the ‘elite’ as narcissists perceive it). When somebody in the ‘elite’ rejects them, the narcissist is full of fury, and wants to ‘destroy’ that person.

      We see this in Piers. The level of anger, hatred, etc., just isn’t expected for the circumstances – especially years later. Piers actually didn’t show (at least not publicly) anger towards Meghan at the time she ‘rejected’ him – rather, it was when she became a member of the ‘elite’ (i.e. Royalty), he became fixated on her ‘ghosting’ him.

      Narcissists also develop out-of-proportion anger towards anyone who challenges their viewpoints – which might explain Piers storming off the set today. He just can’t do his job professionally, when it comes to Meghan – he does need challenging now, and holding to account.

    • southlondon86 says:

      @Crazy Hai I’m a psychologist in my night job. And I put it to you that a second rate narcissistic actress wanted money money money, thought that joining the Royals would be fun and easy, went in completely over her head and cries racism to deal with it. When someone cuts people off throughout her life & splits the Royal Family … my psychologist radar tells me the problem lies with her. But no let’s cry racism & mental health instead…

    • Ona Hemrick says:

      And it is an ugly look ~ 😬

    • Jay Ghost says:

      @Alge childish insult or a grown man being offended cause he watches to much victim movies…..

    • Alge says:

      @Jay Ghost i would say that Mr Morgan is guilty of both

  5. Praeliora T says:

    He’s quite happy to attack people who aren’t there to argue back..about time he was dumped in the ditch he dug for himself..

  6. George Emil says:

    If you’re going to criticize people for years and years, you’d better be big enough to take criticism back.

  7. M says:

    Who’s here after piers Morgan has left the show

    • Standing Elton says:

      @kk manee I did not know that Fergie became an alcoholic! But, in regards to Meghan, You & I agree to disagree! I hope we’re cool,my friend! ☮️

    • Deborah Van Rijn says:


    • L D says:

      Glad he’s gone. I enjoyed Alex Beresford putting him in his place. If he did not resign, he likely would have gotten let go due to all the complaints this week and the investigation they were starting. Hopefully now GMB will no longer book that Thomas Markle as a guest.

    • JoeCnNd says:

      I’m not. I’m here before that.

    • Sheikh Farhan says:

      Thank you for sharing the great news. Time to celebrate!

  8. Daniel Cindea says:

    Hahahahaha “this is absolutely diabolical behavior” that was so british

  9. Temi Busari says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. What a big baby. Who’s the snowflake now?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Missy MazzaH says:

      @Misho Gamer Piers Had some of his own medicine back he walked off because he didn’t like the fact he was wrong! Why walk off like a big baby lol 😂

    • K D says:

      @Missy MazzaH how was he wrong?

    • Missy MazzaH says:

      @K D Simply the fact he’d been mouthing off Meghan a woman he hardly knew stating facts he had no idea about what was happening behind the Palace Walls, And what troubles Harry and Meghan were facing.

    • K D says:

      @Missy MazzaH what are you on about? He was the only sensible person in that conversation. Facts are facts

    • Temi Busari says:

      @K D Sensible person? Same guy who had a meltdown because of a vegan sausage roll live on TV. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  10. guitarlover302 says:

    He is an appalling interviewer ! Never lets anybody finish what they are saying – got very bored with his rants on breakfast TV – think he thought he was the show – obviously not now 😂 taxi for Mr Morgan !

    • Mice Are Nice says:

      Not knocking the show but being on agt isn’t the greatest being on your resume for being taken seriously in media. He was a grumpy game show judge essentially. Now stomping off and attacking someone for having difficulties isn’t going to help.

    • Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston says:

      He’s off the show now. He either quit or they dumped him. He’d been on countless warnings for shouting down our politicians over covid. Boris has refused to go on here while Peirs was a presenter.

  11. Andreas Nordvall says:

    This is one of those cases where a person’s response to rejection tells you everything you need to know about why they got rejected in the first place.

  12. Joseph Bishara says:

    The weather man gave Piers the weather report and Piers didn’t like it.

    • Rob says:

      Expect a cold front moving in from the east, but don’t worry because the sun will always shine on the righteous!

    • Cece Curkoska says:


    • Iron Trails says:

      Raising the question of why that twerp isn’t reporting the weather like his job description demands.

    • shamus jubenal says:

      @Iron Trails The weatherman is the twerp? And not the self righteous slime ball Morgan attacking this couple for years, spewing his non stop vitriol and hate? And he gets a little back and practically cries about. Shows your character that you are on his side

    • Sheila R says:

      @Iron Trails Wrong twerp.

  13. Finn Young says:

    Imagine quitting after getting called out.

  14. The Come Up Straight Up! says:

    Piers Morgan met Meghan Markle before she met Harry. He wanted to date her but she rejected him and started dating Prince Harry. He has since made it his mission to make her pay. No matter what you think of Meghan and Harry it is crystal clear that his relentless, consistent attacks on her are PERSONAL, not professional.

    • Kristina Williams says:

      @southlondon86 lady or sir don’t you think you need to find yourself a hobby. It’s sad to spend your life being a loser like this. I mean come on Meghan is just living in your mind rent free.

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      @Jeremy Woods Speak for yourself, you misogynist!!

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      @T T His wife is happy… but do insist all women are victims of their own choices…

    • southlondon86 says:

      @Kristina Williams Yes you’re quite right. My hobby from now on will be to find a rich prince I can manipulate to live off forever. And there will always be plenty of gullible idiots who will see me as a hero for doing so. Oh and btw the “Meghan lives rent free in your mind”… there are twenty comments like that about Piers on this video…maybe try to be original next time, Kristina? Maybe just maybe.

    • ツ2021 says:

      Piers was defensive over the family that represents our country, history and culture, she’s degrading them and making the people of uk and america look down on them, and all this while our very own prince phillip is in hospital.
      All of their business should’ve been kept private to themselves, there’s no need to publicise it all for money and clout in Oprah interviews ect.

      There should be allot more ppl like him, I respect him for at least trying.

  15. TSB says:

    Piers Morgan accuses Meghan Markle of cutting him off after one meeting/date over drinks in a pub. His view is she cut him off because she met Prince Harry the next evening.
    Eh….any chance she cut him off because during that meeting she realised he is an opinionated twat?

    • Mimi Catrell says:

      @Iryna Lebedyeva .11d

    • Praeliora T says:

      She cut him off because he’s a vile bigot..

    • Marguarite Therese says:

      He really thinks he has some revelatory insight into her personality because she didn’t like him enough to see him again. Utter nonsense! He’s actually comparing that to her relationships with her family, her father. She couldn’t cut him out of her life when he was never in it to begin with. It’s all so repugnant and then add that he talks about her like this knowing she’ll never respond to what he says.

    • Emms says:

      @TSB: ‘opinionated twat’ 😅😂

    • Tom Ainsley says:

      Hahahaha 🤣 we found us a woke snow flake don’t melt

  16. Tom Bombadil says:

    “I knew her briefly” but she dropped me like a brick when she climbed the social ladder. You can’t drop someone you hardly know piers. This man says anything for attention. He destroyed countless lives as a tabloid “journalist”. Phone hacking anyone? Yet he can’t stand the slightest bit of serious scrutiny and criticism.

    Pathetic man baby. Susanna must be doing cart wheels down her street right now knowing she doesn’t have to sit beside this bell end ever again.

    • Unfailing Colt says:

      @deborahmoses 🤯 😮 that’s TERRIBLE!! KARMA NEVER forgets! Case in point! He’s getting his payback!!

    • Misho Gamer says:

      What phones did he hack? What lived did he ruin? If you could name more that one I would be very much surprised

    • spammalina says:

      @Misho Gamer Clueless … you not aware of his gutter press antics? Do some research.

    • southlondon86 says:

      I bet the ratings for this show will drop without him. 😂😂😂

    • love louise says:

      @Kas Georgiou I’m here in America and I’m just seeing all of this because it was bought to my attention I’m just smh at this

  17. Michael Gibb says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving phone-hacking slimeball.

  18. Señoritas Top's says:

    Can someone explain to me why this is giving so much to talk about

    • Mykah Turner says:

      Girl, bye.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Because people are misunderstanding the situation.
      People think that Piers was romantically rejected by Meghan not calling him back, but Piers is really saying that Meghan is the type to cut people off when she can no longer use them. She cut off her sister, she called her father, and she cut off him.
      So he thinks she’s a phony and he doesn’t believe her version of anything.

    • Mykah Turner says:

      @Bob Smith Boy, bye.

    • Bob Smith says:

      @Mykah Turner So sorry you can’t understand it. Lol

    • Beastin Out says:

      @Bob Smith Meghans father literally lied to her and defended the royal family over his own daughter (The biracial women who’s actually is close to the royal family). Then goes out of his way to say he wont stop talking to the press unless she contact him, he is not owed anything. Meghan has made it clear she want him to leave her alone yet he continues to try and pressure her. She estranged with that entire side because there toxic

  19. TimeBucks says:

    He can go and hang out with farage now

  20. Flomina Anthony says:

    Piers Morgan is the most merciless man on earth, no women should date Piers ever for treating Meghan or any other women in this manner

    • Kibber says:

      The only person who benefits from all this is Suzanna Reid. Bet she woke up this morning with a smile on her face.

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