Pierson: Obama took US into Afghanistan (he didn’t)

Pierson: Obama took US into Afghanistan (he didn’t)

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson argued that President Obama took the US into Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan began in 2001 during President George W. Bush’s administration.

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20 Responses

  1. chris Ihedilionye says:

    doesnt that women look like Lisa ann?

  2. Joey's Diabeetus Eatins says:

    hard to watch, very hard to watch.

  3. AlexOfMacedonAOMH says:

    Obama was “ignoring intelligence”, uh? I’m pretty sure Katrina Pierson
    shouldn’t be the one criticizing others for that.

  4. George Revoledo says:

    she right on

  5. ekaiLo says:

    uH.. Trump 2016?! [several hardly audible & distant claps heard]

  6. Noumenon says:

    CNN = Clinton News Network

  7. ASDF_ COBI says:

    She got it all wrong, Obama started the Civil War.

  8. Max Weaver says:

    trump needs a new wife and spokesperson

  9. ArmaniTheFirst says:

    but she’s hot tho

  10. Duke Fish says:

    If this is still trending then YouTube is Hillary clintons new liberal

  11. ATAHUALPA867 says:

    This woman goes on nationsl tv baseless and no clue what she knows. No
    wondering . Would you believe if she ever refutes trump?

  12. Playervid ZeroZeroFour says:

    Fucking liberal assholes. Attacking this lovely women with facts and dates! *Clearly
    bias!!!* Benghazi, Emails, Muslims, Wall!!! *Mexico Will Pay!*

  13. Kcin Nospmoht says:

    Bush predicted that the Middle East would turn into what it is today. He
    said that pulling the troops out of Afghanistan would result in mass
    killings, which we hear about everyday, that they would have a safe haven,
    Isis have one the size of Belgium, that a greater and much Harder
    opposition would arise resulting in troops returning, Isis is very very
    powerful, and their is so much more to where that came from. Obviously
    Obama did not create Isis but to say that his action didn’t correspond with
    it is just wrong.

  14. Kimberly Ramirez says:

    She needs to stfu!

  15. jesus pena says:

    What’s next? Obama responsible for ww2. Wtf!!!

  16. BelAfricana says:

    (he didn’t) Lmao

  17. Capt Cliff says:

    This Bimbo Pierson is the kind of people Trump would appointment if he made
    it to the White House. Like that guy Bush appointed to FEMA to help New

  18. Josie Bravo says:

    She doesn’t know nothing but she wants to be famous.

  19. Chris W says:

    Bias as shit, what “NEWS” channel makes a title like this? Clinton News
    Network. Trash.

  20. Timmy No Thumbs says:

    she is so fucking stupid ??? fml