Pimpin Ain’t Easy

Pimpin Ain’t Easy

**UPDATE: ALL GIFTS ARE GONE!! Trying to give back each spot that I travel to. I’m trying to hit a few places before the year is over. UK, Canada and Australia definitely on the list!

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How to handle getting CURVED: https://youtu.be/EB3Gpokv9x8

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57 Responses

  1. InboundTurtle says:

    Swoozie commented on my recent upload😭😱

  2. Console Trash says:

    Why my boy Swoozie in a white suit? Get me the link to that

  3. Calin says:

    I’m just sad because I live in the Bahamas and I love swoozie but I can’t get anything

  4. Christopher Thomspon says:

    I didn’t know there was one in Orlando. Wouldn’t have been there either way cause I live three hours away too bad the Orlando giveaway wasn’t in July….ughhh…….

  5. Princess Palace says:

    You should do one in CT😉😉

  6. King.K The Best says:

    I still can’t believe Swoozie ain’t got a girlfriend, I mean they should be pourin in.

  7. Parthenia says:

    Literally how has my man Swoozie not found a girl yet? Funny, entertaining, generous, sweet, WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE???

  8. Fugly Dukling says:

    Who else wishes they lived in LA

  9. My name is Joey says:

    Taking a 9 hour flight doesn’t work, does it?

  10. Carina de Jesus says:

    In n out girl is me whenever swoozie uploads

  11. Top 10z says:

    Damn Swoozie with that James Bond suit

  12. Kody Bryan says:

    Dude the girl at 3:15 was giving swoozie that look.

  13. MlpAceSter says:

    I thought it said,” Pimples Ain’t Easy”

  14. Fruit Lover says:

    Has swoozie lost his virginity?

  15. Codeine and Chill says:

    Is it just me or Nazanin eating was like the hottest thing ever 🔥

  16. Isagail says:

    R.I.P Swoozie’s love life cause with those gifts you givin? Get ready fo ALL your dates getting sabotaged. We are your girlfriend now. Be faithful.


    *good that I live in **_fucking_** germany…*

  18. Loom Geek says:

    Help I’ve been triggered

  19. TacticianAce says:

    My man’s number 1 on trending

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