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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds himself in Alaska wondering just how powerful the pinch from a local Dungeness Crab can be?…so here he goes again putting his finger in the strike zone for yet another “pinch test”!

What’s really cool about this episode is Coyote is not only able to give you a closer look at one of the largest crab species in North America but he’s also able to save one from the cooking pot as “Roscoe” was purchased from the fishing docks and is promptly set free immediately after his moment in front of the cameras…as for Coyote you’ll have to watch and see if his finger ends up just as lucky!

Get ready to witness what it’s like to get pinched by one huge crab!

Our new series Beyond the Tide explores the mysterious world of the ocean and brings you closer than ever to its most fascinating creatures. Whether it’s tide pools, lagoons or the deepest depths of the sea Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew will take you there!

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20 Responses

  1. Cris K says:

    this is why i hate sea T_T

  2. David Francois says:

    This dudes balls are made of titanium

  3. Guilty Assassin says:

    That crab is creepy AF. And I have a phobia of crabs. that is definitely in
    my top 3 creepiest ?

  4. XxappleswagxX says:

    who else thinks he should have a tv show?

  5. Clash With Gary says:

    Wow bought him to be released back into the wild and ungrateful Rosco
    pinches you smh

  6. Janet Wilham says:

    God gave everything a means of defence—soo that being said you best NOT
    cross it-lol!!!

  7. Jeroen Wubbels says:

    Crab 1, dumbfuck 0 Gooooo Crab!

  8. thereyousee says:

    It didn’t even break skin stop being such a baby

  9. Ja Powey says:

    please make 5 videos a day so I can waste my life watching them

  10. Samantha Laird says:

    I use to have a cow named roscoe. Not that anyone asked

  11. Benjamin Alarcon says:

    he paid money for pain

  12. Darkclaws1881 says:

    Amazing intro but poor coyote!!

  13. Explorer says:

    My snapchat-hotpizza1 My Instagram-bootleg_daniel

  14. Bleach McGEE says:

    I am Coyote Peterson, And i am about to enter the strike zone of…

    My Wife.

  15. John Alkhas says:

    I think coyote just has a pain fetish.

  16. Stan R says:

    Wao! thank you Coyote and the team. I ask you every other months for sea
    and river creature videos and you guys deliver

  17. Erik olson says:

    Hmm this is a new direction for Mathew Santoros channel…

    Oh wait…

  18. XxRawEmpirexX says:

    “That was worth it, for science!”

  19. MaxOut says:

    The crab just wanted to go back to the Krusty Krab to make money…

  20. John Manzuki says:

    I would have boiled the s*** out of that crab.

    Now that, is some self control.