Pine Brothers – Waka Flocka – 30

Waka Flocka’s hilariously controversial spot for Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops.

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20 Responses

  1. Christopher Aizen says:

    lmfao it’s like he realized he fucked up his line.

  2. Dreyvon Crowe says:

    Pine Bros YOU must be on crack. Niggers are the anti-christ personified.
    Look at the not so white house. Niggers = Anarchy 

  3. Craig Brittain, Top YouTube Commenter says:


  4. JackMack says:

    I’m getting pine bros just because of this ad

  5. Lone Aryan says:

    In other news, Pine Bros reports a loss as shoplifting of their product is
    on the rise.

  6. Caroline Maul says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL….I can’t stop laughing at this commercial~ lolol

  7. Andrew Stadler says:

    Can’t live without my Pine Brothers, straight up

  8. MrBigant18 says:

    Sounds like he went to Charles Barkley’s school of acting lol

  9. Lonnie Craig says:

    By the way this nigga still sounding….Pine Bros. aint doin they job
    well.Straight up. LMAO

  10. The Dude Abides says:

    I think I’ll get some Pine Bros. lozenges now…straight up…and chill…

  11. Kayjillypoo says:

    This ad is GOLDEN lmfaooo. Next time I see some Pine Brothers lozenges, I’m
    buying some! 

  12. Arnold Jean says:

    +Amionne Jean

  13. David Turner says:

    This is awesome!

  14. Austin Texas says:

    I don’t get it.

  15. Phoenix Ignition says:


  16. KingBlauwave says:

    Get that money flocka

  17. ExtraDomus says:


  18. El Mokh says:


  19. Troll Hunter says:

    There’s my negro Waka! 

  20. Goddess Stewart says:

    Dreyvon is a black name “sips tea”