Partnering up with my best friend Kristi, if you want to go more on the scary side this Halloween Pinhead & the Chatterer are the perfect makeup costumes to cosplay! He is a movie classic, and with some easy SFX techniques a beginner can do! This is my own artistic interpretation of Pinhead, because I wanted him to have a nasty and creepy looking element to him. ;D *ALSO I wanted to add that you most definitely should use a small bendable object for the pins instead of the wooden sticks I used. I wouldn’t want you to fall/have an accident and have the wooden sticks injure you!
Let me know what you think, and please give it a thumbs up and a share if you enjoyed! 😀


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Bald Cap
Graftobian Modeling Wax
EBA Encore SFX Alcohol Palette (activated with 99% alcohol)
NYX Professional Makeup SFX White Creme Colour

Katniss Everdeen Costume from Costume Supercenter
(perfect for the look of leather like Pinhead’s outfit) pair it with a black maxi skirt and combat boots!

Use code “JORDANHANZ” for 10% off site wide!
USE code “JORDANHANZ” for 10% off site wide!
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Use code “jordanhanz: for 20% off site wide!

——Intro Music:
Forgotten Factory (Soundscape) – myuuji

Myuuji makes the most amazing dark piano covers, go check out his bad ass music!
——Provided by Monstercat: a paid monthly no copyrights song service
Vantablack – Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King
Emptiness – Slushii
Faces – Candyland & Shoffy
Wildfire – Rootkit
Weaponize – Pegboard Nerds & MIU

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Hanz says:

    Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that using some wooden sticks could potentially hurt you if you fell over, etc. I honestly didn’t even think about that aspect of the makeup application until it was pointed out to me! Use a flexible small bendable piece to use for the pins instead of the wooden sticks like I did! So so sorry guys! I want you to always be safe! Courtney Little MUA recently did the MOST amazing job creating a full Pinhead look, so for an idea of what to properly use for pins, check her video! <3

  2. Jacob Foley says:

    I loooooooove how you did this. wow. I love the raised area around the pins i’ve never seen this character makeup done that way. you always bring something special to your makeups. forever in awe by your talent Jordan!!

  3. Малинка Зефирка says:

    воставшие из ада фильм класс классику а то стали забывать)))) круть

  4. Makeuholic says:

    Dude that intro killed me!!!!!!

  5. coco puffs says:

    YES bitchh yass

  6. amber make-up-luva says:

    My like wont stay?🤔 wtf

  7. Rose Diaz says:

    Your such a badass!!!

  8. Rubba Goose says:

    This is fucking sick!! Omg ❤️

  9. Kerri-Ann Taylor says:

    Amazing holy guacamole!!!

  10. Anotherhourkn0 says:

    Freaking amazing work

  11. Makeup For Unicorns says:


  12. Evelin cássia says:

    Você é incrível, a melhor! <3

  13. imsylsylsyl says:

    wow Slipknot makeup!

  14. Isabella Cafarelli says:

    Love this collab!!!!

  15. Amber Ingargiola says:

    Omg the Katniss costumes though, thats literally what Im being for Halloween haha

  16. Audreyana Benavidez says:

    Dope ass intro Jordan !!!! Love you boo

  17. KorianBossMonster says:

    “Who you callin’ pinhead?”
    -Patrick Star

  18. Not Important says:

    Who you callin pinhead

  19. Juan Diaz says:

    Damn this shi scary. lol

  20. Zeng Hong says:


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