Pink Addresses The Christina Aguilera Beef | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

Pink Addresses The Christina Aguilera Beef | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

During a round of Plead the Fifth, singer Pink is asked about her former longstanding feud with fellow “Lady Marmalade” singer Christina Aguilera and Pink drops some details on how bad it got.
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Pink Addresses The Christina Aguilera Beef | Plead The Fifth | WWHL

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20 Responses

  1. kr kr says:

    So beautiful

  2. althea williams says:

    Why do people always bring Christina Aguilera every time pink in a interview like that’s corny

  3. MilaZ says:

    A song together? YASSS

  4. Xtina&Mimi &Riri says:

    Shes so obsessed with xtina.

  5. lyricsgalore2011 says:

    Pink is playing it safe these days lol.

  6. Desiree says:

    Plead the fifth is for cowards, and she’s not a coward.

  7. Ayat Mirza says:

    Xtina, Pink, Britney are the real OG pop star of my childhood

  8. dev karastha says:

    xtina swung at her in the club???

  9. may johnson says:

    From the thumbnail, Pink looks like Alicia Keys lmao

  10. Andrey Jaya says:

    Tay please take note from this video and end ur feud with Katy!

  11. Funk O'Matic says:

    i’d like to see she n christina showdowning VOCALLY…

  12. setfire2derain says:

    That so-called ‘feud’ is a complete and total one-way feud. Xtina has never said anything about Pink while Pink kept speaking rude and offensive about her. It all began when the producers of “Lady Marmalade” decided that Christina should sing the main part so she owned the song with her towering vocals and her name came first on the descriptions and promotions. Pink was simply jealous of it which is so immature and childish. Pink could not hit those high notes as well as Christina. Xtina has five-octave vocal range, whistle register, crystal clear falsetto and powerful belts. According to critics, vocally and musically Christina is one of the best vocalists of all time. Pink is a good and successful singer but she’s out of Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s League.

  13. GarageStudio says:

    *P!nk and Christina should have another collab; charts around the world will be waiting…*

  14. Yayo De La Cruz says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL ADD THEM TWO TO LOVE AND HIP HOP!!! i wanna see them fight!

  15. Yuan Gao says:

    I was so happy when they made up. Been a fan for both for years.

  16. sphinx onyx says:

    Andy’s voice is getting unbearable to listen to. It’s so strident. Like razor on chalkboard

  17. IglooDweller says:

    Did you ask her the lady pond question?

  18. Jo LC says:

    “She didn’t plead the fifth”. She wouldn’t; she’s fucking Pink. She’s like one of the realest people in Hollywood 💯

  19. NotMyInsaneRacistOrange VulgarSexistPigPresident says:

    I love you, Pink! Sing on!

  20. W Lee says:

    Pink is the realist pop star ever. Dont think she would have pleaded the fifth about anything.

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