Pink Religion 💖 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Pink Religion 💖 Palette & Collection Reveal! | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

WELCOME BACK to my CHANNEL… Today it’s finally time for a new eyeshadow palette and collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics! We are celebrating my obsession and LOVE for pink. EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON JUL. 30TH @ 10AM PST!!!!!!! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL spiritual tea!

💕 Pink Religion Palette – 18 shades ($52.00)

🕊 Sacred Glass Extreme Frost™ Palette – 3 shades ($62.00)

🎀 Velvet Trap ($18.00)
Always Faithful – Purple pink berry
Communion Wine – Deep wine red
Confessional – Hot red
Cult of Roses – Soft watermelon
God’s Gift – Pure White
Holy Fashion – Soft pink
Pink Messiah – Bright pink
Pink Religion – Neon fuchsia

🙏🏼 Holy Mist Smoothing Facial Spray – ($26.00)

✨ Hydrating Glitz Lip Balm – ($18.00)
Altar – Tinted sultry pink
Hopeful – Sheer soft pink
Pink Roses – Tinted neon pink
Scripture – tinted mauve pink

💖 Fashion & Accessories –
Gold & Pink Chrome Cross Hand Mirrors – $30
Stained Glass Hand Mirror – $30
Hot Pink Leaf Soft Touch Hand Mirror – $30
Pink Religion Crocodile Backpack – $80

Pink Religion Bundle – ($325) includes…
Pink Religion Palette, Sacred Glass Palette, 8 Velvet Trap Shades, 4 Hydrating Glitz Lip Balm, Holy Mist, Pink Chrome Star Cross Hand Mirror

Palette Bundle (Pink Religion + Sacred Glass) ($99.00)

Velvet Trap Bundle (8) ($120)

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+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar



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39 Responses

  1. Danica Bowkis says:

    As controversial as he is, no one does make up like jeffree

    • PH-ND010 says:

      @Anaya Lewis its not controversial for religious people in the slightest. maybe only the homophobes.

      But theres tons of religious merchandise being sold with crosses on them, not just makeup palettes, and lots of money being made from religious imagery. if anything people of faith would see this and think its cute.

    • B says:

      @Steffy Rodriguez becoz big brands send loads of products to celebrity MUAs.

    • jesscuh says:

      @Steffy Rodriguez they do though lmao

    • Pedro Pereira says:

      pOinT ________ PEriOd!

    • Steffy Rodriguez says:

      @Lisa Clarke i’m not gonna argue with a probably 16 year old because you type like you’re 16 so yes goodbye

  2. Andrew Hamm says:

    You should make a shade called “Birkin Bitch” or “Mother Barbie” i feel like that would be such a vibe

    • Paul Monks says:

      Barbie and Birkin Are trademarked so that cant happen

    • Lenayah whiteman says:

      @Carina Rëëd Nikki didn’t create Barbie though. Jeffree might not be able to use it because of the Barbie brand.

    • Carina Rëëd says:

      @Lenayah whiteman u misunderstood my comment lol I was meaning if nikki didn’t get in trouble for using it for years then jeffree shouldn’t i would imagine. I know originally they meant the actual barbie brand 😅 im 27 so I remember about barbie dolls although I was more of a bratz girl 😅 I guess I should have added more context sorry!

    • Liz Cofano says:

      Mother Barbie. ❤️❤️

    • Lenayah whiteman says:

      @Carina Rëëd ohh yeah I get what you’re saying now! A lot of younger people around my age have jumped on the Nicki band wagon so now Barbie apparently is only for Nicki or smth so I thought that’s what you were saying. Thanks for clearing it up, I agree!

  3. iguessitizwhatitiz says:

    I love how despite all the drama and hate- he still remains *UNBOTHERD* af😂

  4. Jasmin says:

    I watch every single pallet reveal Jeffree makes and I don’t even wear make-up 😂

  5. hypercustard says:

    I swear I could smell the Holy Mist through the screen.

  6. Beauty & More By Manisha says:

    Hey jeffrey you should launch a face pallet, a bronzer, blusher and a highlighter trio..

  7. Lauren Dixon says:

    At this point I just need a JSC photo book because those images are stunning !

  8. HeySonia says:

    Jeffree – hands down – stepped up the game in the makeup industry. He really puts everything when he creates new collections and it’s definitely worth the money, unlike other brands.

  9. Allie Jones says:

    Jeffree: “In the 90’s when you weren’t supposed to like pink as a boy”

    Me: Wait, what? *STILL forgetting Jeffree is a boy*

  10. Ash Raynor says:

    God this whole collection is so FUCKING SICK. Everything about is just straight badass. Love it 🤍

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