Pit Bull with bleeding tumors surrenders to rescuer and then gives him a kiss :-)

Pit Bull with bleeding tumors surrenders to rescuer and then gives him a kiss 🙂

Please donate $5 today and help us continue this work: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
Medical care is so expensive, and for the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can join this effort and send me on the next rescue mission.
To adopt Leesa, please contact our friends at Much Love who gave her much needed love and nursed her back to health: http://www.MuchLove.org

Please share and help us raise awareness about the importance of spaying dogs.



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20 Responses

  1. Jean Luca Cachia says:

    We want more people like you in this world

  2. Maycee Trotter says:

    hi love that u rescue dogs it is a very good thing like if u agree

  3. Lauro Burkhardt says:

    You guys are great i am from Germany so sorry for my bad englisch

  4. Kai Liss says:

    I want to be rescuing animals in my future

  5. Reagan's Pokemon says:

    Cry every time I watch these videos

  6. Lena Lewandowska says:

    I dont understand why PEOPLE dislike this video. I just dont get it

  7. tessan52 WildLife says:

    I live in Sweden, we do not have the same problem like you have in US, I are so happy to see wat you are doing, BIG Hugs from Sweden + I will put this video out on my facebook if it helps.. So wounderful dog and beautiful + good temperament .. LOVE YOU GUYS ..!!!!!

  8. TheGoatMumbler says:

    Who are the asshats that give a thumbs down to this? WTF???

  9. Zumba GoesRAWR says:

    This world is so fortunate to have people like you. I am a crazy dog lover. I cry in the beginning then I cry of joy at the end. Escipacially on this one.My friends dog is about to be killed because he killed a dog. It was a pitbull it wasn’t his fault. Plus he didn’t kill the dog. It died of cancer and people are blaming the dog for killing it. Now it is in a shelter. They need to win a lottery to get there dog back. If they don’t win the lottery, They get sued and there dog gets killed. The pitbull looks like the one in the video. It wasn’t his fault a pitbull is a terrier there meant to hunt. He probably thought the dog was a bunny. It was a tiny dog. ???? Please pray for him. There is more details on our instagram. @zumdo_ PLEASE!

  10. Ralek Tain says:

    butifle dog??

  11. Lecús ShadowPaw says:

    I would love to have her!
    But I already have two rescue dogs and right now my family can’t afford anymore (dad was pretty upset about getting a second)

    The first is a Irish Jackrussle named Jack. A family bought him as a 9month pup for a gift to their 5yearold with cancer. Unfortunately the little girl didn’t live to meet him, and for the mother it was too heartbreaking to keep him. So she was going to dump him in the nearest shelter.
    My family happened to be visiting the day she was going to dump him, and we were able to take him in ourselves. In February he turned six and is a very happy, healthy, stubborn butt head haha.

    The second is a BorderCollie/Lab mix named Pepper. He was a stray that wandered in December, during the worst freeze we’d seen. He was soaking wet, starving, half frozen, and very much afraid.
    We couldn’t approach him at first, he would get so scared he’d trip over himself trying to run away.
    But he eventually warmed up to us, and told us this by sitting in front of the door weeping, poor baby! We let him inside to get warm and dry, gave him some food as well. He was still pretty scared so I personally sat by him for the next five hours gently petting him. We identified his age as a little more than a year.

    Him and Jack get along fairly well, and we realized we accidentally gave them a cheesy names. “Pepper Jack”
    Both are happy and healthy. They sleep in my room and Pepper paws at you until you pet him. The longer we had him, the more we found signs of abuse. Which is likely why he was so terrified. He’s still pretty shy, but also very loving!
    I love both my dogs very much!

  12. Beth Jarzombek says:

    Wow. What a threatening pit bull. (Sarcasm doesn’t show in writing.)

  13. Soulstorm says:

    Anyone else remember mark donating $1000 to hopeforpaws?

  14. Genocide Maker says:

    holy shit it’s so sweet how anybody can hurt such kind of lovely creature, jeez

  15. Biggest Troll Ever says:


  16. The Champion says:

    animals need so much more help than humans . honestly I feel more sad seeing a hurt and starving animal. there is no welfare or foodstamps if you are a single mother dog or cat. poor animals. thank God for people like these animal right activists

  17. SRWaller xD says:

    Man we really don’t deserve dogs.

  18. Donald Trump says:

    should have killed this pit bull in case it kills someone

  19. Clawdeen2545wolfia10 AJ says:

    awww she is so cute and willing to come out from under the car shes such a sweetie

  20. Logan Kessel says:

    Finally Something Good In America Jesus

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