Pitch Perfect 2 – Official Super Bowl Spot (HD)

Pitch Perfect 2 – Official Super Bowl Spot (HD)

Pitch Perfect 2 – In Theaters May 15

The Barden Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2, the follow-up to 2012’s smash hit. The comedy is helmed by Elizabeth Banks, co-star and producer of Pitch Perfect, and produced by Paul Brooks, Max Handelman and Banks. Writer Kay Cannon returns to the team to pen the next chapter.

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18 Responses

  1. tyvenmusic says:

    holy shit its Flula

  2. emma fich says:

    Me encanto, no aguanto para poder verla :’) 

  3. Loreto O says:


  4. Andry Malinin says:

    Суперкубковский *Идеальный голос 2*

  5. daliousbeyonce says:


  6. Johnny Jacksonson says:

    So I’m guessing this is the riff off?

  7. Idlehampster says:

    I will watch this just to see Clay Matthews sing.

  8. stephieirene1 says:

    Does Rebel Wilson write her own lines? Because she delivers them so
    perfectly I kinda think she ad libs a lot.

  9. syaoran1412 says:

    “Why is the most talented one, Australian?” Gold

  10. Calin Constantin says:

    Other than that bootylicious gig, that I found kind of funny, this is
    worthless. What is this sh*t anyway? Dancing and throwing not so slick

  11. Alisha Burden says:

    I can’t handle this what are you doing to my emotions argh ???!!

  12. goolam gleek says:


  13. Ella Payosalan says:

    Still have no sign of pentatonix. hahaha! anyway, can’t wait for Pitch
    Perfect 2. =D 

  14. James Egan says:

    Oh shit this hits May 15th? That is a bold time to come out! 

  15. universe93 says:

    the most talented one is usually australian

  16. Kelli Harper says:

    I can’t wait:)

  17. lucaboden says:

    They should have just called it Bitch Berfect

  18. Patrick Neville says:

    this looks awesome