Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics

Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics

After Anna Kendrick got word James was boasting he’s the best acapella sing in town, she challenges him to a riff-off with some help from The Filharmonics.

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20 Responses

  1. Marvelous Marv says:

    I actually thought he was better.

  2. Ana Carolina says:

    One of my favorite videos, on the YouTube, right now. C:

  3. Alex Davis says:

    What no pentatonix?

  4. Hannah Kendrick says:

    Oh Anna is just perfect at that. She’s so cute too. She always wins stuff
    cause she’s the best. I LOVE HER TO BITS

  5. ConGreen says:

    Ok. So James is more talented than everyone on late night TV. I have seen
    Conan, Kimmel and Fallon and he can dance, sing and perform better than all
    of them. But Conan is the funniest

  6. Belen Morales says:

    Why is no one talking about the filharmonics.. INSANE

  7. Christian Johns says:

    Jimmy Fallon James Cordon and Stephen Colbert are the best late night hosts
    on TV sorry everyone else these know to do it right

  8. jeepfail says:

    I was hoping temperature would be the weather song.

  9. CheckerDuck says:

    Home Free should’a been in Pitch Perfect 2

  10. 4u57inc0v3110 says:

    When they did “Songs that will Kill You” I half expected Anna Kendrick to
    belt out “Last Song Kills the Audience.”

  11. Darya R. says:

    this just made my day

  12. Hannah Jones says:

    In that little hoodie thing Janes Cordon look like Smithy again (halla to
    my Brit friends) live this

  13. Ana Margarida says:

    i love her

  14. Hamdiya Mohammed says:

    He’s a really good singer, they both r :)

  15. Todd Boden says:

    Anna needs some soap to clean out her mouth after eating out James big
    poopy ass hole.

  16. farhahxoxo says:


  17. farhahxoxo says:

    filharmonic killing it as usual

  18. farhahxoxo says:

    this is what i live for more pls jamessss

  19. Lourry Stylin says:

    Proud Filipino here ! <3 Filharmonics !

  20. luis39205 says:

    It seems James Corden is settling in, well played Smithy.