Pitiful Highway Puppy Never Gives Up

Pitiful Highway Puppy Never Gives Up

This tiny pup had quite the fight in her! Thank you for helping us help her!

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If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at http://www.abandonedpetproject.org to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change.

Music: by the band “Ruth”. Ruth has given express written permission for the use of these songs in Vet Ranch videos.

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20 Responses

  1. Nephi Leonardo says:


  2. Tori says:

    i’m wanting to be a vet and have been touring a ton of colleges for it. you guys are my inspiration and i’m so glad you show the surgeries and help me understand what being a vet would look like!

  3. Stephen Hitchens says:

    the two people who clicked thumbs down must be the people who left the poor dog on the highway.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I don’t get how people can hit an animal with their car and not take it to the vet. I mean there are organisations like Vet Ranch that treat these animals for free so they wouldn’t even have to pay for the treatment of the animal. Gosh that’s so freaking frustrating!

  5. But Edupes says:

    My dog is at the vet right now 🙁

  6. Alya Luthfiya says:

    i like 1 respect for vet ranch

  7. Blu Sniper Wolf says:

    Love ur videos. I learn so much off of you guys. When I’m older I want to be a veterinarian to help animals. I hate how Animals are abused, abandoned, and more. They don’t deserve that at all they are still living breathing creatures like us. People who do that to them should be abused abandoned and hated too. Us humans pollute our planet but Animals don’t!

  8. ja vy says:

    It’s amazing the good job you guys do….Much love from Spain.

  9. AnToNcHaMp96 says:

    Poor little baby, thank you.

  10. Andrew G says:


  11. Alexis Termini says:

    today is my b day so excited my fav channel and no im not asking 4 likes (though that would be nice jk) i just want at least 1 reply becuase im a nerd lol 😀😀😀😀😀😛😛😀😛

  12. TigerAnimations says:

    I can’t express how much I thank you fantastic people!
    I’m definitely going to donate on a regular basis, also, PLEASE put lots of long ads on, I’ll keep the video and repeat to help raise even more for you!

  13. IveJustHadAPiss says:

    Thumbs up if you also watch _The Supervet_ on Channel 4 UK.

  14. Major First says:

    Hi Vet Ranch team. Was wondering if there is a way to order a Vet Ranch shirt from outside the USA. I’d love to get one.
    Thanks for everything you’re doing.
    Love from France!

  15. Susan Wahl says:

    Does anyone else hit the thumbs up even before watching the video?

  16. Hooked says:

    I’m Sorry Vet Ranch For the Language but..

    Whoever dislikes,F***k you

  17. Tino Estrada says:

    my dog just died and i cant sfop crying😓😓😓😓😓

  18. Gammon Dehaan says:

    My dog and house are infested with fleas! We gave her the “spot on” treatment for fleas and then had her outside while we bug-bombed the house, and yet she is still crawling, and it’s only gotten worse! What can we do? We’re really poor. My dad doesn’t like her anymore because she is always whining in pain from the flea saliva. I want to help her but I’m out of options.

  19. Dora Jasso says:

    My daughter rescued a dog from the street. The dog vomits a lot. She took him to the vet who said it would cost over $800 for all the exams needed to to diagnose his problems. We can’t afford this. Called Vet Ranch and they only take strays from animal rescue groups. Called all the groups we found, left messages and no reply. Emailed organizations that may help pet owners pay for medical costs… no one will reply! We would love to help him and keep him as our family pet, but can’t afford his costly exams. We would be able to afford his everyday costs and care but the initial cost is too much. It’s very sad because we have grown to love him. He is still strong because we continue to care and love him. He doesn’t give up and we won’t either.

    VET RANCH Doctors, if you read this, is there any help you can offer? Any suggestions? Anything at all???? Thank you!

  20. KoVert says:

    A year ago on this day my dog, had passed away do to cancer. He lived a good ten years with me and I never stop thinking about ’em. Thanks for reading this, his name was Tuzik and I want as many people possible to know his name. Good day.

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