Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens National Anthem 10/1/17

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Baltimore Ravens National Anthem 10/1/17

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  1. Philip Dinan says:

    Proper flag etiquette
    Never place the flag horizontal
    Never let the flag touch the ground
    Never tie the flag up or fold it back, always let it fly free
    Never cover the flag
    Never wear the flag as clothing
    Never cover anything with the flag
    Never dip the flag for anyone or any thing
    Never lay the flag flat or carrying anything on it.
    Never use the flag as decorations

    Please remember our flag etiquette , the next time the President or anyone else speaks in front a horizontal flag , talking a ” disrespecting the flag “…wearing a flag bandanna, bikini etc..Fourth of July celebrations, flag covered coffins .

  2. Haley420 says:

    This might *LITERALLY* be the worst video I have ever seen on trending πŸ˜‚

  3. Beau Man says:

    Bunch of crybabies they did it before the anthem and stood for the anthem. β€œOh I’m so patriotic boooooo stand up I pay your salary booo, I’m gonna burn my jerseys I already paid for booo, freedom and America and more freedom and America and uh uh I’m not watching the nfl anymore I’m boycotting even though I’m still here and more freedom yeah!” Did I do it right guys? Lololol

  4. AWSUMPOSSM says:

    I live in Pittsburgh and I have become ashamed of the Steelers. Seeing that from the Ravens, earned my respect. They publicly kneeled to pray, huge bonus cuz I’m a Christian, then stood to honor the flag and anthem. GO RAVENS!!!

  5. Zach Davis says:

    History will show they were right to do this. Many vets support them. Very similar to gay rights, women voting and segregation. The cause will gain support. Keep it up guys. Go Lions!

  6. itscolin81 says:

    Why would anyone care about this?

  7. ElitePanCake 645 says:

    It’s 2017. How are you still filming at 240 p. I know he is filming a tv but still. at least fill at 720 p

  8. DaEagles71024 says:

    Why are they booing? Every religion you get on a knee and pray….

  9. SyscoVids says:

    They took a knee for kindness, unity, and justice for all Americans how the hell do people get butthurt over that.

  10. Greybeard says:

    Why are people obsessed with archaic ideas of symbolism that’s basically nationalism? Why obsessed over what gestures we make during a particular song? What strange behavior. I thought it was odd even when I was little. You can maintain the ideas of freedom and honor without attaching symbols to them. So many strange ideas we perpetuate without asking why. Like taking our hats off at dinner. Standing and sitting in a courtroom. Swearing on a bible. Shaking hands. In the end, it’s meaningless, and nothing would change if we didn’t do those things.

  11. Z Colin. says:

    When that anthem plays you sit that ass dooown

  12. WASSABiii says:

    omg did you film this out of your but hole?

  13. James Barrett says:

    Trump hates the NFL since his team the New Jersey Generals couldn’t compete against the nfl. Trump swore vengeance and now he got it big time. These kids playing weren’t even born in 1983 and trump is using them as pawns to get back at the nfl owners. They are stupid so let them be used as pawns if they can’t do a simple google search and understand why he’s saying it. Lol. Do they really think trump cares about the national anthem??! Hahahahahaha They are stupid pawns. Ideologues I guess you can call them but a simple ignore or publicly say that trump is doing this for revenge from 1983 and not about anything else, would devastate trump like nothing else cause than you would catch his motivation which he thinks he hides so well.

  14. Twisty Lynn says:

    Just shows what a proper thumbnail can do for you.

  15. Cenk Uygur says:

    Lol only reason people still watch this sport anymore is to see if people are going to sit or stand. Then 90% tune out.

  16. armst012 says:

    Would love to see an NFL team have a military night like the San Diego Padres do for Home Sunday games where the upper deck bleachers are just FULL of military decked out in uniform, life 2-4 sections worth. Just saying..

  17. eric nguyen says:

    They stood for the anthem I don’t get it?

  18. RealKeyyy says:

    Fans should sit down during the anthem and see how they like it

  19. idonotcollectstamps says:

    How come diversity only ever means less white people and replacing white people?

  20. CrazyMonkey1208 says:

    Well that little kneel and prayer just solved everything didn’t it? Ended all of America’s problems in 5 seconds.

    Has all of this kneeling horsecrap made things better or worse? NO ONE is talking about what they claim it’s all about and more than half of the country is pissed off. Way to go, NFL

    Still boycotting…

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