Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Week 1 Game Highlights

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals | Week 1 Game Highlights

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45 Responses

  1. Kazzy Official says:

    One of the greatest games I’ve ever watched in my life

  2. leah kristine says:

    usually the heart attacks caused by steeler sundays don’t get this strong until around week 6-7….glad to know we’re starting off strong this year😭

    • Play Dough says:


    • Jesus Saves! says:

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    • (E)ric says:

      Lmao 🤣

    • Laszlo Kiss says:

      swear that game took a few years off my life the stress was real 🤣🤣

    • Concrete King says:

      That’s a fact 😂

  3. Asher Pfeffer says:

    That blocked PAT was one of the clutchest plays I’ve ever seen live

    • Shaka Dakine says:


    • SpaceJamDreazi says:

      @Chad Irrelevant injuries happen all the time. I don’t think Bengals even score if that ghost unnecessary roughness penalty wasn’t called on Minkah either.

    • SpaceJamDreazi says:

      @cj okoronta irrelevant the fact that play literally saved the game is insane. It’s incredibly hard to block an extra point at any level of football.

    • Brandon Whisenant says:

      @Christopher Garcia he was flagged for U.R because that’s what it was clear as day my guy n the block was on our side we had a backup long snapper and nobody expected that to happen

    • Brandon Whisenant says:

      @Michael Frascarelli all flags that we’re called we’re shown with a replay clearly showing why it was called and no one disagreed with the calls the refs made beside Steelers fans lol don’t start your season blaming the refs lol that’s a bad look

  4. T bone TV says:

    Nearly died multiple times watching this game this is one of the most best games ever both teams play great

  5. Jonathan Labastille says:

    This is the most unforgettable opening kickoff game I’ve ever seen in NFL history

    • Judy W. says:

      @Rebecca Lyle Please. The Bengals had so many opportunities to win. Missing the go ahead extra point and the field goal was their own fault!. They also got stopped in OT when burrow was sacked and gave Steelers possession again. Hard to win when u turn over the ball 5 times. On the flip side as good as the Steelers defense was, 2 penalties at the end hurt them. Watts face mask and the pass interference penalty in the end zone on 3rd or 4th down, gave the Bengals 1st down and new life.

    • Rebecca Lyle says:

      Don’t think you won this fairly, Steelers, You definitely DID NOT.

    • Samuel Basye says:

      It looks like you’ve only been watching football for maybe 10 years or so lol

    • Roperdope says:

      @The Official Green Kane yep. Nothing happened in between that. Think before you open your mouth

    • Jack Gill says:

      @Fanch #5 “I’ve ever seen”

  6. B L says:

    The Bengals couldn’t have done much more to lose this game, and they still nearly won. Literally nothing went right and it still came down to the last play of overtime. Totally insane

    • mike time says:

      @john man He literally had to throw between the d line the whole game that o line needs surgery from anime

    • JazzyPrince333 says:

      Yeah, it felt like the lions v Steelers game last year, but 100x more exciting

    • Adam G says:

      It really was true for both teams. I mean the Steelers defense did everything they could to win, but the offense was utter garbage. There was almost no rhyme or flow to the Steelers offense. I think Burrow will clean up his game but I have little hope for Trubisky. He showed his inability to read the defense. I think it’s unfair to say Cincinnati did everything to lose when they did their best to come back and win after an abysmal start that was saved by the defense and ineptitude of the Pittsburgh offense. Burrow absolutely played a better 2nd half but his team was also dropping balls or just barely out of bounds on clutch catches. It’s like the entire Bengals offense was out of tune. Still played better than the Pittsburgh offense.

    • scavengerspc says:

      That actually goes for both teams. The Steelers seemed like they did everything in their power to blow it.
      It almost seemed like neither team wanted it, but still kept it very exciting.

    • quickboat22 says:

      They played like a team that sat it out during the preseason.

  7. Mike1077 says:

    “No good! What is happening here?” I’ve had to watch that part a few times over & the way he says it makes me laugh every time! Ian Eagle👏👏😂

    • Tim Richard says:

      When Boz missed that 1st one I bout lost it!! Dude don’t miss them like that. And ya GOTTA remember when HOCKULEY is runnin the game he’s gonna be playin games. We ALWAYS get mystery penalties. The unnecessary roughness call on Minkah was BS!! I did not know you got called for that just because the guy runs into YOUR SHOULDER PADS!! Minkah was just trottin by lookin the other way.

  8. eastside0434 says:

    This game had my anxiety going threw the roof ,it was the best 1st game opener of the week.

  9. maple holler says:

    Definitely set a new level of giving the opposition hope at the end of the game. I’m in day 4 of the Vid and the adrenaline had me feeling the best I’ve felt in days. A veritable rollercoaster. And, that knucklball donk off the upright, was the weirdest double change of direction I’ve ever seen. Almost like it had some weight rattling around in it.

  10. LITTY GAMER says:

    As a Steeler fan this felt like we lost 3 different times

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