Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Preseason Week 1 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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49 Responses

  1. Isaac Heldt says:

    They really gotta let Haskins start one of these Preseason games. Right now he’s playing leaps and bounds better than both Rudolph and Dobbs

  2. Opethian says:

    Granted it’s preseason, but Haskins looks great.

    • Comicjinks says:

      @Edwin Pena the shitty ass wsh football team didn’t develop him properly just like rg3

    • Edwin Pena says:

      Yeah cause we told him to go to a stripper party during the pandemic when his coach has cancer. We told him to take a selfie with a fan before the game even ended. Good luck to the steelers. 👍

    • Ace says:

      @Comicjinks Funny, Washington improved without Haskins.

    • Big Dog says:

      @Ace The defense improved and that was about it.

    • Big Dog says:

      @Edwin Pena Lol. You people are amazing. The same Head Coach that brought over HIS QB from Carolina and did nothing with him. But, yeah. If a person with cancer should be THAT concerned about ONE person. Maybe said person shouldn’t coach or be at home because I’m suuuuuuuure every single person in that organization was at home and being safe.

      Just say you don’t like the dude. Ben Roethlisberger was accused of horrible stuff by multiple women. You: ……….
      Haskins acts the way he feels since no one cared to help him? You: WHAIBFAHJWWHFNFIEOENDHDOWOEH!

  3. Michael Gallegos says:

    Heads up play from Haskins to play beyond the whistle on that TD pass.

    Separately, an abundance of talent at the RB position is always a good problem to have.

    • QuickScopeKyper says:

      Can they please get rid of Rudolph he’s too slow and and being way over paid. He’s had more than enough chances to earn a starting job or even backup. I can’t take another mason Rudolph season if Ben gets hurt

    • Mike Bordonaro says:

      @QuickScopeKyper Let’s have Haskins show against player that will be in the league next week before running Mason out of town. Mason has been better than Haskins in their respective careers. It’s not really close.

    • Alexander Matthew's says:

      @Kenny 10 😆 🤣

    • Rowan Green says:

      And let’s just say, we sure didn’t have that talent last year.

    • CZECH MATE says:

      @Kenny 10 I think it’s more like the O-LINE doing their job for a change?

  4. PJ Kicks says:

    Haskins looked nasty boy, Mike Tomlin and that Steelers environment different, don’t just anyone QB for the Steelers either

  5. Jerry Johnson says:

    Wow Haskins is playing like a first round draft pick, O he was

    • C_Ase_Ce says:

      Haskins has the potential to be good which is why I think Washington moved on from him far too quick. However, I do understand why they did because his off the field issues.

    • C_Ase_Ce says:

      @De Soth So because it’s 2nd and 3rd string he supposed to just play like trash? Yall haters are always so damn unrealistic. It’s his 3rd season, let the man devolop. Fans, coaches, and teams are so damn lazy these days. Expecting to get a HoFer in rookie season or within a year. Even the HoFers didn’t do that.

    • based god says:

      @Michael May mark Sanchez lit up the Packers 1st string in the preseason when he was on the eagles.
      Good company to keep

    • Michael May says:

      @based god I’m not saying Haskins is gonna be a good qb in the league. I’m just saying he did what he was supposed to do and so we should keep evaluating and keep giving him different scenarios.

    • based god says:

      @Michael May good point👍
      I’m just sorta biased because of the ex-redskins thing. I get what your saying though

  6. Jacob Canaday says:

    Bro no lie Dwayne was slingin that rock. And a huge footwork improvement

    • Onetimeforthebangbang says:

      Slinging that rock against the third stringers! Can I get an ahhhhh fckkkkkk yeahhhhhhh

    • Mainly Faxss says:

      @Onetimeforthebangbang not even third string. Most were 2nd stringers. 🤡🤡

    • Brick Walls says:

      @Mainly Faxss you’re not an eagles fan. 90-95% of the players on the field when Haskins was playing are not going to make the team, or any team for that matter.

    • _showtime90 says:

      @Brick Walls your not a Steelers fan so you wouldn’t understand how bad mason rudolph is

  7. RedSeaNation - says:

    Am I only one not sleeping on hurts ? Why do I keep hearing about eagles interested in Watson , hurts ain’t future , etc??? I may be biased as a cardinals fan, because Kyler came from Oklahoma but them boys over there good. And the only time I’ve seen hurts is against the cardinals and he killed it. He almost made a comeback on us. Mannn. Give some time for jalen, he’ll be great

    • Ace says:

      He blows.

    • GamingWolfKid 7777 says:

      @Kaotic Vibes well they had to get rid of him he got injured so damn much and I think the wr’s were bad for wentz sooo yea

    • Sicksi says:

      in all fairness, Hurts’ best game was against the Cardinals. Eagles were still *technically* in the hunt for the playoffs but I wanted them to lose for draft position and he just refused.

      when he played this game I got PTSD… our wideouts not playing for our starting QB, and finally getting their crap together once the backup comes in. Drops have been a growing pain for years and i don’t trust anyone on that receiving core other than Quez Watkins right now.

      Here’s the thing. Last year he had to be a mini Russell Wilson because we had a total of 10 offensive linemen miss time last year, and all of our starters other than Kelce were out for a majority of the season. On the surface, you see that he has the most time to throw the ball out of every QB because he makes his own time. All form goes out the window and you’re more inaccurate. Carson isn’t that type of player and that’s why he was so bad last year. Hurts did better in the same situation. Hurts will have to persevere, and I do have faith in his raw talent. I’m concerned about how the team around him will play. I don’t want his confidence shattered like that other guy that happened to start at QB for us last year

    • Maurice says:

      I’m eagle fan and a OU fan he is not future everyone just likes him because he has a great attitude. We will be picking inside top 5 next year or trade for watson

  8. PrettyBoy23 says:

    Always have been routing for Haskins and he looks to be improving and maturing in a new environment. Love this for him. Gonna be a minute before he’s in position to start but this a good direction for him

    • Xavieone Davis says:

      i wouldn’t be so sure iono how good big ben will be this year

    • thecockerel says:

      Environments make a difference. Plus he’s becoming more mature through life experiences. At least, I hope so. The talent is obviously there.

  9. cholhwa says:

    Reporter: When are you going to decide who the starting QB is?
    Sirianni: I still don’t know. It might be a game time decision.
    Reporter: No one does that sir.
    Sirianni: I might have to flip a coin at the same time when the referee does.

    • C_Ase_Ce says:

      The question is arm vs legs. Me personally I’d go with Flacco because he gives you a better chance in passing. I wouldn’t name a starter right now either. And why should he? It’s still preseason which is where he can find out who EARNED it. And Hurts hasn’t done anything to earn it.

    • YFN TWAN says:

      @C_Ase_Ce good thing you’re not a coach 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    • C_Ase_Ce says:

      @YFN TWAN 😂😂

  10. Elijah Jones says:

    It crazy how when mason on the field they don’t score but when haskin get in they score . We gotta get him to at least start one preseason game

    • Kaotic Vibes says:

      You mean Dwayne”put his sick coach’s life at risk” Haskins Or Dwayne “skrewed the Washington football team” Haskins?🤣🤣🤣

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